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Problems In The World Essay

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Problems In The World

Many children in this world are silent about things that happen in their life. They are abuse by their alcoholic parents or bullied in school by their classmates. Some of the things that happen to Junior in this book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian happen in real life and happen on a daily basis. These issues are abuse, alcoholism, and bullying.
Child abuse is a growing concern all around the world. Child abuse is a real life problem that happens in the book to not only Junior, but to most of the tribe. For example, in the book Rowdy said his father would get drunk and beat him and his mother, so they had to walk around with bruised and bloody faces (Alexie 16). Also Mr. P said that when he first started teaching on the reservation that they were thought to “beat the Indian out of the students” (Alexie 33). Those both happened in the book, but this is also a major real world problem. In this case there was a huge data collection and out of that most of them said that they had experienced at least one form of victimization (Women’s 407). This shows that treatment should not be the only focus on alleviating psychological distress, but also on the role it may play in raising the risk for re-victimization (Women’s 407). So child abuse should be focused on more due to the seriousness of it.
Still child abuse is not the only issue in the book. Another issue was alcoholism. This played an important role in the story as well. Alcoholism affected Junior a lot because many people in his tribe were alcoholics. Most of the adults on the reservation were alcoholics (Alexie 16). His Grandmother was hit by a drunk driver which is ironic because she never drank alcohol. His sister was burnt to death when she was having a party and her camper caught on fire. His father’s best friend was shot in the head over the last drink in a bottle of wine (Alexie). Alcoholism is also a major problem in real life. Such as in Pine Ridge, they have above average rates of alcoholism domestic violence suicide, and birth defects (Reservation 4). They decided to put a ban on alcohol (Reservation 4). The tribe’s official ban on alcohol represents a clear stance against the devastating effects of alcoholism (Reservation 4). After weeks of fierce debate, members the Oglala Sioux tribe on the...

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