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Problems Need To Be Solved In Education System In Yemen

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Education is an important issue that affects the development of a country.
As Nelson Mandela said. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can
use to change the world”. In Yemen, there are many educational problems that
need to be solved. The current situation is very poor education. Students rather
work than go to school. There is huge overseas from the government and
department of education. But I believe that every problem has a solution.
Most of the problems that will be discussed are in the elementary and high
schools. Also many students don’t go to colleges because they are not accepting
in colleges according to their low grades.
In Yemen, education is something not really important to many people. If
they just understand how to read and write, they think that’s good enough to
know. Many of students finish high school and stop there. Most of the public
schools crowded with many students. Sometimes one class reaches to a
hundred students and more. Also there is time when they put two or three
classes together in one room. Many students pass classes and graduate from
high schools by cheating or bribing the school directors and teachers. Students
hate schools because some teacher are tough and punish them hardly. Also the
teachers are not in happy situation either because they receive low salaries that
don’t cover their live basic needs. It’s too hard to get in the colleges because
they require high grades. Rich students always have better value than poor
students. They get better chances to get the government grants and scholarships
to further their education out of the country. So that was a short brief of the
current situation, and in the following paragraph the causes of this situation will
be discuss.
There are several causes to this situation. The causes could be explained in
three different parts. The first part is from the government and the department of
education side. There is a hug administrative corruption in the department of
education, which means employees’ of this department, don’t do honestly jobs.
They do what is good for their personal needs. For example, if a student failed on
the final exam, he could run to one of these employees and ask him to pass him
versus material bribe. So that means there is no honesty in the job, and there is
no government monitoring to the spoilers in the schools and in the department of
education. Also they give values to important people and rich people and do
illegal favors for them. For example, they pass their kids even if they failed. They
give them...

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