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Problems Of A Self Conscious Writer

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Being a writer does not seem as hard as it sounds, but in reality, it is how you write that makes it hard. A self-conscious writing style takes more will power than other styles of writing, (In my opinion.) There are many problems with being a self-conscious writer and here are just a few problems a person can have.
The first problem is that all the voices in your head are nonsense. They do not care for anything else except to mess with your writing. This is especially hard for me because I will let the voices take over and write the whole paper for me. In the past, I would not even look at my paper until the voices were finished putting their opinion in. I stopped the voices from taking by over thinking. I would constantly change the subject in my mind even though I would be writing; the voices would be so confused by me switching topics that they would not even notice my writing. However, there were sometimes when the voices would come through the megaphone and yell the same topic continuously, which leads me to the next problem.
The second problem is repeating the same sentence. While there are many ways to form a sentence, a self- conscious writer will write it two different ways and think that it means something different. For example, I like green peppers or green peppers are a vegetable that I like. They both mean the same thing but they are worded differently. Repeating does not always happen with every sentence, but it happens enough times in writing that it becomes annoying to read. The way I try not to repeat is to think of both ways and think of which one I like better to put into my writing. However, there are sometimes when I write I will have forgotten that I had said something along the same lines as another sentence and put it into my writing. Which leads me...

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