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Many people from all over the world want to be in your shoes. My father had escaped from Vietnam to the United States in the midst of the Vietnam War. He like many other immigrants had left the chaos of the war in hope for a better life, and he was more than happy for a chance to start afresh in the land of the free. Although it seems that many citizens of the United States feel unsatisfied with the abundance of never ending problems such as discrimination, there should not be a need for major changes including the restructuring of the government to take place since the people have access to rights and given opportunities to succeed.
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In Libya, the “Publication Act of 1972 severely limits the freedoms of speech and of the press” especially criticism of government officials or policy (US DoS). In addition government officials of Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda, and Zimbabwe implemented an authorization network because they could limit the compositions of reporters; therefore impacting the freedom of expression (Amnesty). Many countries around the world deny their citizens the basic rights granted in the United States. Americans often take these rights for granted and underestimate their true value, and instead complain and demand for more rights. In addition the democratic system of government allows the people to have the power to choose, which prevents any sort of dictatorship and tyranny. Although the fourteenth amendment gives everyone the right to vote, much of the population chooses not to participate in elections.
Furthermore, the United States provides assistance and opportunities that allow individuals to succeed. America represents a melting pot composed of people from a vast variety of people that are all given equal opportunities to achieve and accomplish. Guided by the idea that everyone is essentially equal, being a sovereign state, restricting the main role of the administration, the United States allow the people to have liberty, make their own choices, and seek satisfaction. Since every individual has the privilege to obtain the bonuses of one’s hard work and to retain what one has attained, a community where each person puts in effort and dedicate his or herself to reach goals and proceed in life establishes (Spalding 2). This shows that everyone regardless of race, religion, etc. has the chance to succeed...

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