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Issues That Arise When Public Relation Goes International

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International Public Relation is referred to as; communicating with the public from one nation to another, producing campaigns from one country to another. Globalization tells that what happens in one country can have a direct effect on people and organizations in another (Kent & Taylor, 2011). This essay talks about the different issues that arise when PR goes international. It talks about how international and intercultural are different or related to each other. Examples with the help of international or global companies.
International Public Relation presents issues related to culture, social and economic factors. There are different models as studied by different PR scholars, the two main International PR models are the personal influence and the cultural interpreter model. When it comes to PR practitioners that are expected to develop contacts with important people then the personal influence model is applied and when PR practitioners are expected to understand local cultural practices for multinational companies than the cultural interpreter model is applied (Grunig, et al. 1995). There are certain conditions that influence International PR that are social and political. Taylor and Kent (2008) challenge the statement that citizen publics are the most important when it comes to PR, stating that in many developing countries, government is the most important public (Taylor and Kent 2008).
Kent ant Taylor (2008) study on Bosnian PR seeks to explain international PR by extending general approach, which is based on the excellence theory of PR (Grunig et al., 2006) and suggesting a way to study and evaluate international PR practice with the help of normative approach. Kent and Taylor (2008) have stated that PR practitioners and scholars need to know more than whether a country practices “excellent” PR, and as culture is defined to be complex, there is a need for more new research, theories and models for better definition and measure of international practices in PR (Kent and Taylor, 2008).
International PR is referred to the planning and execution of different programs and campaigns that are carried out overseas or for the international audience. It can also be defined as the different group of people that are effected or who can affect the operations of a particular firm, institution or government. According to Szondi (2009) International Public relation is the planned communication activity of a (multinational) organization, international institution or government through interactions in the target country which facilitates the organization (or government) to achieve its policy or business objectives without harming the interests of the publics. There are many research papers that have presented international PR to be simply about how to overcome barriers that are created by other cultures, that includes language, ethics, laws or cultural issues, which is most commonly defined to be the main problem (Wilcox et al., 2001), rather than...

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