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Problems That Children Living In Orphage Endure

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Do the children in an orphanage feel special or unique, or just unwanted? Do they have the privilege of having someone to talk to when needing advice or to discuss the turmoil within their own hearts? Are these children taught right from wrong or discipline? Are they given the chance to find out who they truly are, or are the forced to grow up and care for the ones around them, leaving them with limited childhood memories or carefree times. In Russia children in orphanages may never experience a typical home life as a child.
Nadezhda Vladimirovna Prisiazhnaia, a graduate student from State University of the Humanities states, “in Russia over 800, 000 orphans and children are deprived of ...view middle of the document...

Experts do not think the graduates are learning all of the necessary skills for life before leaving the facility.
“They believe it is virtually impossible for a child to learn the basic skills in an orphanage, since the way the meals are organized in the cafeteria does not give residents the opportunity to take part in preparing the food, and cleaning up and other “domestic chores” are the job of the personnel. It is especially difficult to shape day-to-day skills of living and abilities in the case of children who suffer from impaired mental health, since constant repetition is necessary for them to learn,” restates Prisiazhnaia.
Relationships become complicated and confuse the graduates since they had never fully developed an understanding of what love really is (Prisiazhnaia). They often do not know what to think while entering the possibility of starting a family, since their views had always been superficial and they had never grasped the aspect of family traditions and values. Problems also occurred as experts discovered that 71 percent of the graduates had never been taught education pertaining to sex, which left them completely clueless when finding out about protection that can be used and the risk of sexual transmitted diseases. This left the young graduates embarrassed when feeling the need to ask where to find protection or simply what it was. Some did not use it just because of their fear of embarrassment, leaving them with unwanted pregnancies and dysfunctional relationships (Prisiazhnaia).
“A total of 80 percent of the experts say that the graduates of orphanages do not have any plans for the future, they just “go with the flow”; another 15 percent of the experts say that the youngsters will be able to plan their lives only with the help of adults,” Prisiazhnaia. The graduates attitudes about the future consist of 26 percent thinking they will someday be in prison, 13 percent are afraid of someone hurting them in some shape or form, and 17 percent expect to be failures. Yet, one of the saddest things is that 97 percent of these graduates do not even know telephone numbers of organizations that could help then during emergencies.
This data shows that a major revision needs to be made in Russian orphanages. This revision could be based on the orphanage Casa la Vida de Esperanza, the House of Hope and Love. This specific orphanage is located in Magdalena, Mexico. The staff working at Casa la Vida de Esperanza has discovered a new way of raising children within an orphanage. The children are not living in one area, following the same routine as every child is throughout the day. The children within Casa la Vida de Esperanza are living in separate homes, somewhat like a community, with a mother and father figure in each home....

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