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Issues That Modern College Students Face

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College students are thrust into a new academic world only to be met by seemingly insurmountable troubles. The strains of everyday life added to the unique dilemmas associated with higher education unfortunately snowballs into overwhelming difficulties. Students attending universities are frequently financially unstable and often prone to depression. These stressful issues affect many college pupils—outwardly the majority. However, their complications are not forgotten; helpful options are abundant.
Specifically, receiving education from a university is often difficult primarily due to the rising costs of tuition, living expenses, and miscellaneous fees and charges. Various college textbooks, expenses associated with owning a vehicle, required educational supplies, housing fees and the ever increasing costs of groceries and medical services accumulate quickly. The average college student attending a public four year university pays an estimated $26,0701 towards tuition, housing, board and other assorted expenses. (O’Donnell & Associates)
Largely, financial issues are a direct result of the required various technological resources as wells as adequate transportation. Students are currently under great pressure caused by the mandatory means needed to maintain a college education. Classrooms are speedily multiplying the rate at which they use technologies such as the Internet, web cams, and copious other tools. An undergraduate with a low socioeconomic status is understandably prone to limited funds.
Nevertheless, economic troubles are not unmanageable. Financial aid, grants, student loans and scholarships have become exceedingly helpful to college students. The availability of these fiscal utensils has enlarged sufficiently causing rates of 45 percent of students expending loans, 59 percent using grant funding and 79 percent utilizing financial aid. (O’Donnell & Associates) With the help of these resources controlling fees associated with college education becomes unproblematic. At the very least, these assets can make financial issues less taxing.
Likewise, college students also face depression. Depression is a serious illness classified by symptoms including loss of concentration, difficulty sleeping, oversleeping, feelings of hopelessness, uncontrollable negative thoughts and irritability. A growing number of undergraduates are developing this devastating disorder; factors such as stress, insecurity, and a lack of support produce and feed this ailment. Issues like inadequate funding may also add to a student’s aching depression. Naturally, a pupil with an overwhelming workload and a lack of encouragement would begin to feel blue. However, when the blues keep returning depression has set in. If not evaluated and treated the symptoms of depression could crush a student. A lack of concentration added to the distractions of campus life leave the afflicted young adult depressed and surrounded by slipping grades and helpless feelings.
In short,...

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