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Problems With Obesity In America Essay

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Everyday Americans die from the diseases they carry from obesity. Many Americans over eat because their social problems or because they are hereditary. Many plans have been discussed but finding the solution is the problem. Junk foods and unhealthy beverages have corrupted children’s minds all over the nation and putting a stop on it could lead to other benefits. Unhealthy foods and drinks should be taxed and healthy foods should be advertised more to help prevent American obesity.
In “Bad Food? Tax it, and Subsidize Vegetables”, Mark Bittman suggests that the people of America should stop eating unhealthy foods so often. In the article, Bittman tells his audience that people have ...view middle of the document...

“Attacking the Obesity Epidemic by First Figuring Out its Cause”, by Jane E. Brody, talks mainly about Americans being obese at an early age. Brody quotes “children aged 2 to 19 consume seven trillion calories of sugar-sweetened beverages a year” (page 42). Only a few plans could help food companies sell their products and help benefit Americans around the nation. Brody talked to Dr. Gortmaker, a sociologist at Harvard school of Public Health, who said “The industry made it easier for people to consume more calories throughout the day” (page 41).
Dr. Gortmaker and his colleagues came up with multiple plans to help prevent obesity. A 10 percent tax on unhealthy foods and drinks, more obvious nutrition libeling’s of packaged foods, and reduced advertising of junk foods and drinks to children. By doing so, it could raise billions of dollars a year for “cash-starved states” and California could bring in 1.5 billion a year with a 1-cent-per-once excise tax on sugar sweetened drinks.
Brody’s and other ideas are right because not only do they try and help Americans with their overweight situations, it brings money for food companies and states.
In “No Lunch Left Behind”, Alice Waters and Katrina Heron suggests that “schools across America should provide adequate support...

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