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Problems With Standardized Testing Essay

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“Too often what we have been going is using those tests to punish students or in come cases, to punish schools,” says Obama (Standardized Tests 1). Since the No Child Left Behind Act was passed in 2002, schools and the students have been under immense pressure. The new standardized tests control the future of both teacher and student. The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was created to test students equally and to raise the bar by calling for mandate testing in subjects like math and science; however, instead of improving equality in education, standardized tests have done the opposite by making school stressful and flawing education by creating a poor learning environment and teachers ...view middle of the document...

Another issue with the standardized tests is that money is a reason for schools to push students to pursue good scores, not the education of students. When students at a school earn high scores, the school receives funds (Problems with Standardized Testing 1). On the contrary, if the scores of the students are not adequate, then the school could lose funding and be managed by the government (State Standardized 2). In addition to the problems already listed, the tests have also lowered creativity. As a consequence, IQ scores have gone down (Standardized Tests 1). In other words, standardized tests have caused many problems within schools.
The pressure of high stakes testing puts a lot of stress on students and faculty. Test anxiety has become so common that the Standard-9 test booklets have instructions on how to react if a student vomits during the test (Standardized Tests 1). Nevertheless, the stress of testing causes students to do poorly (Pros and Cons 1). The pressure effects performance and can make the most gifted students crack infers Gregory J. Cizea (Standardized Tests 1).
The scores earned by students are used to evaluate teachers yearly. These scores include scores earned by students they have never taught (Standardized Testing Debate 1). Teachers have begun to teach just the information on the test since the tests are the center of the curriculum. Consequently, this makes the teacher lose the imaginativeness and dynamism that makes school interesting. Hands-on learning has almost become nonexistent (Problems with Standardized Testing 1). The tests are supposed to provide accountability in the classroom (State Standardized 1). The pressure of students making good scores makes a poor learning environment with teachers teaching to test (Problems with Standardized Testing 2).
A lot of examples can be made of the standardized tests. One example of how high the stakes are of standardized testing is that in Texas standardized testing put one in four juniors in vulnerability of not graduating. The commission proposed a transition rule that includes cutting and combining the scores from students’ tests. English II students were exempted if the test was not passed. English I students’ scores were combined with the reading exam. Similar exemptions happened in other subjects too...

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