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Who has the right to take away someone’s life? No one really, but the bitter truth is that the government does. The way they see it is an eye for an eye. Protecting the rest of the world from what is considered to be a monstrous human being filled with only hatred and violence, with no chance of changing or improving their horrific behaviors. The death penalty is racially and economically biased, rarely reversed for the wrongly accused, and the government should not have that power.
What is the death penalty some might ask? According to WiseGreek “It is a punishment that involves executing someone after being found guilty of a capital crime. It is considered to be an act of retribution, making sure that the person cannot and will not repeat these offenses. Depending on where you live the death penalty differs. In the United States that honor is reserved for those who commit murder in the first degree, espionage, or treason. A typical sentence would be a decade or more just waiting for execution; where they will die from lethal injection. Until then prisoners on death row spend majority of their time suffering in isolation. Unlike the other prisoners those on death row are held to different standards. Unable to enjoy their last moments of their lives, living in unbearable and harsh living conditions. The 8ft by 8ft cells they are placed in can only hold a bed and toilet. During visiting hours inmates are separated by glass and closely watched. Janis Barkdale once stated in a recent interview with Aja Beech and myself that when she went to visit her fiancé that in addition to the glass separating them and the guards Robert Lark was also wearing hand and ankle cuffs. Not to mention that when they are allowed to go outside for an hour a day they are still locked away in cells that resemble dog cages.
The judicial system is filled with wealthy people who just so happens to be Caucasian and could care less about things that doesn't involve them, like those living in poverty. Resulting in a corrupt and biased system that claims to persevere the common good. When in reality they are protecting the rich. By allowing them to buy their way out of trouble with a slap on the wrist. As for those with lower incomes we receive harsher punishments and in some cases we don't even have a fighting chance.
The standard way of thinking about the death penalty in today's society is 50/50. On one hand you have people who think the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment; while on the other you have people who don't care unless it affects their personal life. Little do they know the courts of our judicial system show favoritism and it's not toward the African Americans that make up about 13% of our nations populations. In fact in the state of Pennsylvania benefits more financially from prisons and more financial support is given to prisons compared to our school system. Incidentally 72% of those approved for death row sentencing involve...

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