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Problems With The Education System Essay

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The education system works in an odd way, and teaching methods need a lot of work. Teachers must first focus on providing background information on early events and issues that have anything to do with the event or issue that they are currently discussing. Providing background information helps students to understand topics better. Teachers must then continue to learn after completing schooling and receiving their degree. Students can not depend on information they receive from an uneducated adult. Finally, teachers must teach for understanding. They should not expect students to memorize information. Memorizing information does not help students learn. There are a few authors whom also agree with the above beliefs. Those writers include Jonathan Kozol, Howard Gardner, and Hsun Tzu.
One important thing that teachers must focus on is providing students with background information on the topic of discussion. Without providing background information, there is a lot of room for students to become confused about the topic being discussed. Jonathan addresses this issue in his essay, “The Uses of ‘Diversity’,” when he states, “I think you’re correct in saying that our teachers need to introduce a good big helping of political intellectual irreverence…”(Kozol 612). This is Kozol’s way of saying that he also believes teachers need to introduce all information about a topic to students before discussing it in class. I can agree with this due to previous experiences of my own. In my tenth grade history class, my teacher was discussing the Holocaust and briefly referred to a program called the Kindertransport. The problem was that he did not take time to inform us students what the Kindertransport was so many of us were confused at that point in class. If a teacher suddenly begins to talk about a topic in class, and does not provide any background information on it, students may have trouble understanding what the teacher is discussing.
Another important teaching method that should be focused on is the idea that teachers should continue to learn even after they receive their degree. Teachers should continue their education so that they can answer questions that students may have about events that occurred after the teacher has received his or her degree. It can be clearly seen that Howard Gardener agrees due to the fact that in his essay, “Designing Education for Understanding,” he states, “Teachers need to keep up…students take note when teachers are themselves continuing to learn,” (Gardner 639). Here Gardner is basically saying that teachers need to continue learning, because students notice when teachers continue to learn. If a teacher does not continue to learn, then a student will not want to continue to learn. Later, Gardner also says that it is harder for students to understand when there are not teachers who are also committed to understanding new issues (Gardner 639). In my eleventh grade history class my teacher was discussing World War II....

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