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Problems With The New North Carolina Public School Teacher Salaries

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North Carolinian teachers throughout the state have recently learned about the changes in their future income and their responses have not been positive. The teachers were looking for increased pay with some job security; however, the new reforms have only promised 25% of the teachers merit tenure until 2018. Furthermore, new teachers with advanced degrees will not receive a pay raise for their additional education. Thus, the 2013 North Carolinian teacher salary laws are not beneficial for the workers because it leads to unfairness for future teachers completing advanced degrees; they support private education, and promote competent teachers to leave North Carolina. Consequently, students ...view middle of the document...

Evidently, this might lead the North Carolina public education system to become less successful due to teachers leaving North Carolina.
With an incompetent public education system in North Carolina, many families might be required for their children to go to private school. In general, private schools are costly and require more family contributions. Evidently, many families can be hampered with school tuitions. According to the Council for American Private Education, the average private K-12 tuition in the country is about $10,000 ("Facts and Studies"). Evidently, many families can be hampered with private education school tuitions so negative consequences can arise for families. Another negative consequence of private education is the possibility for it to hinder public education. This is because public education can be more successful with a more supportive population which includes the student body, PTA, and more (Benedikt). Therefore, this new law is very supportive of private education which can burden the public education system and financially burden families.
An education can be the most significant part of a person’s transition from childhood to adulthood; thus, an education system with highly trained teachers is required. Unfortunately in North Carolina, as a result of the new state law, teachers from across the state are leaving the workforce. This is evident in the amount of teacher resignations in Wake County; “612 of Wake’s 9,000 teachers have resigned since the beginning of the school year (HUI).” As mentioned earlier, many resignations are due to the financial instability with the salaries. This unprecedented amount of resignations will likely impact many students now and in the future because there is likely to be more resignations to come. Without competent teachers in a childhood, a person will not become as successful as an adult. Thus, the new reforms can negatively impacts children’s education and futures as an adult.
Many responses have been initiated to address the issues to the recent reforms. These responses include the earlier teacher resignations, law...

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