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Problems With The Oj Simpson Trial

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On June 12, 1994, the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found dead at her home in Brentwood, CA. Orenthal James Simpson, or O.J. Simpson was notified of their deaths and immediately taken into custody for questions. Upon the collection of various pieces of evidence from the crime scene, all avenues pointed to Simpson as the culprit for the double murder. The conclusion of Simpson criminal trial resulted in his acquittal. There were various reasons for this acquittal. The most prominent reasons include accusations of racism, evidence contamination, and the lack of faith in DNA profiling. This paper will discuss the issues that arose with the trial in depth and offer an explanation and solution to resolving issues so that the issues do not repeat themselves in the future from the lack of knowledge and from learning from the mistakes of previous cases such as this one.
The first issue, accusations of racism, played a pivotal role in ensuring the innocence of Simpson. Race seemed to have become the main issue in Simpson’s murder trial rather than the death of the two victims. This infamous trial became the face and main headliner of the media in 1995. The public saw two Caucasian victims and a black defendant. According to author Stanley O. Gaines, Jr., many Caucasian citizens took the side of then LAPD detective, Mark Fuhrman and many black citizens took the side of Simpson (Gaines 2001). The trial seemed to have transformed into a racial war rather than a criminal trial (Thernstrom & Fetter 1996). Caucasian citizens felt that Fuhrman was unfairly being discredited due to allegations of being a bigot and African American citizens believed that the acquittal of Simpson served as reparations of the unfair treatment of blacks in the US criminal justice system (Gaines 2001). Simpson became an infamous hero not because of his crimes, but because of his race. This was the chance for African Americans to receive the proper justice and due process in the American criminal justice system. The defense made the notion that Simpson was already at a disadvantage due to the views of the LAPD. In an attempt to counter the racist claims of the defense, the jury was selected and was mostly African American females (Gaines 2001). The district attorney of Los Angeles believed that an all white jury would be ineffective if Simpson were to be found guilty (Thernstrom & Fetter 1996). This outcome of the jury selection upset the Caucasian population because they felt as though the jury selection gave Simpson the upper hand in the trial regardless of the fact that the jury was majority female. The defense counsel was able to control the jury, in a sense through instilling in their minds that the LAPD was in fact racist. At the trial’s conclusion approximately 83% of blacks believed that Simpson was guilty, whereas only 37% of whites believed that Simpson was guilty (Thernstrom & Fetter 1996). These allegations also pushed the...

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