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Problems With Welfare In The Usa

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The definition of welfare is simply the state of being well cared for. This includes help with people in need of medical, financial, and organized educational needs (“Social Welfare”). Welfare started far before the term welfare was made for what was being done. Welfare can be traced back to the sixteenth- century when the British Poor Laws were created. The British Poor Laws made an establishment between unable to work and able bodies unemployed. In the beginning, welfare was designed mainly for single mothers who need assistance with supporting her family. The Social Security Act created in 1935 the Aid to Families with Dependent Children or AFDC. This made the policies of the mothers’ tension plan national. It provided state funding from the governments federal dollars. Then, more recently, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, focused more on the move from welfare to work instead of the government giving help to people who were relying on welfare to provide for them (“Welfare”).
The poor is all around us; poor people are in our schools, walking down the sidewalk next to us, and even as we drive down the street and look out the window. There are homeless people pushing shopping carts packed with every belonging they have to their name along the highway or on street corners with signs around there neck begging for money. Obviously they have been given money before from people, or they would not keep begging. Most poor people ask for money because they know that is a way to get money. This is exactly what the government is doing. The government takes money from people who have jobs and make money and gives it to the poor through taxes and welfare. This creates the idea that the best way to get money is to plainly ask for it. Welfare has created millions of dependent people instead of what was meant to come from welfare, which are independent people who are above poverty. Welfare is creating dependency in America, and Obama’s welfare policies are amplifying this predicament. In order to get America’s economic problem back in order, America essentially needs to abolish welfare.
Being dependent means relying on others to take care of you instead of yourself. Welfare does just that. “The sociologist Georg Simmel argued that ‘poverty’, in sociological terms, referred not to all people on low incomes but to those who were dependent” (“Dependency”). Welfare gives us that exact image. Simmel is arguing that people who rely on others to care and support for them and who are actually above the poverty level, are in fact, the ones dwelling in poverty. Welfare creates dependency by pay without work. People on welfare, who do not have jobs, get so reliant on their welfare money each month that they feel like they do not have to work. They are going to get the money either way. This makes the homeless person begging for money image more discrete, but in reality, welfare and receiving money from the street corner are exactly...

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