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I feel that the wounds explain what happened in a story in a wrongful death, it all depends on the wounds and where and when the victim was shot. From the direction of the gunshot; the wounds of Mr. Jones indicate that he was shot in the back and he never saw the suspect coming towards him with a gun, because his back was turned to the suspect. According to Orthman, Hess, “The victim’s background provides information about whether the death was an accident, suicide or homicide. If a homicide, the background often provides leads to a suspect. Evidence on the victim’s body can also provide important leads.” (Orthman, Hess, 2013).
Wound specimen vary from crime scene to crime scene such as; gunshot wound, stab wounds, defense wounds, rape wounds, blows from blunt objects, poisoning, strangulation, hanging, burns, explosions, electrocution, lightning, burning, hanging, and smothering, just to name a few. There are numerous classifications of wounds, most of which can let qualified investigators know more about the manner of death. Forensic pathologists' have the role in investigating medical examination of the body. They also assist investigation by relating the evidence to the autopsy findings. They will examine the wound, and tell if it was inflicted the wound and what instrument caused it. Pretty much all of the evidence that guide the examiner to consummate that the death was murder also allows for it to be sustainable evidence for the investigation and prosecuting the case; so that pathologists and investigators work closely together (Orthman-Hess, 2013).
Most deaths are caused from a gunshot wound, either it be a homicide, taking one’s life, or just an accidental discharge. Knowing the type of weapon is really important for making comparison tests and finding the unknown weapon. The extensive cause of death in a gunshot victim is usually internal hemorrhaging and shock. The size of the bullet, the number of shots and the velocity of the bullet used and knowing the type of weapon resolve the consequence of the body. Forensic Pathologists can tell if the gunshot was a suicide, in that case if it was a suicide, the wound shows gun contact on the skin, they can tell if the victim was a right or left handed person, by how the shot was taken, the shot didn’t go through their clothing, or the weapon is noticeable, if the gun was tightly held, and they are still holding it. In a homicide case they would see if the shots were fired from a few inches away or fired on an angle or anywhere that rules out self-inflicting shots, if the victim was shot through their clothing and no weapon present. They can test for GSR, in close range of the body, and on the victim, the material should be deposited on the target’s surface, or anywhere near the body, depending on the distance of the shot, when a gun is fired it expels fire out of the barrel, smoke comes out that follows the flame, the bullet propels out of the barrel, smoke and grains of burned...

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