Procedure For Review And Classification Of Film And Television

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3. Procedures for Classification and Review of Television and Film

3.1 Designation of Reviewer

It is an obligation for the President of the board to appoint his delegates for the evaluation committee.

The delegates of the board are liable to divulge any prospective dispute of interest with respect to the subject matter assigned to him for its review. No affiliate of the committee is hereby authorized to carry out the duties in inspecting and categorizing when said panel member has an argument in connection with the said film and television show or advertising/commotional matter.

3.2 Committee on First Review

3.2.1 The Committee on First Review should be made up of at least a minimum number of three board associates, one of whom should be elected as Head by the President of the board.

3.2.2 It is strictly prohibited for the First Review Committee to offer special appraisal for a claimant on terms of an awaiting motion picture date/telecast.

3.2.3 A superior number of votes from the Committee must be adjudicated in order to generate the final conclusion. If in case the dominant decision has not been attained, the Board should carry on contemplating until the associates came up for a majority vote. An associate is strictly not allowed to decline. The final conclusion must be deliberated the same day the subject matter has been inspected by the Board.

3.2.4 If at the end of the day the Committee failed to formulate a final conclusion, the President of the Board shall appoint alternative committee to inspect the picture in the nearest possible time.

3.2.5 After the subject matter has been showed, and before the Board deliver its final judgment, the delegates of the creator and/ or contributor permitted by the Philippine Decree 1986 to get involved in the screening shall be granted an opportunity to justify the subject matter. The Board is obligated to deliberate with the claimant or the approved delegates before encrypting the final conclusion. A revision of the material authorized by the Board may be granted to the claimant to meet the requirements he is pursuing for.

3.3 Committee on Second Review

3.3.1 The claimant is allowed to present a Motion for Reclassification and/or Reconsideration in not more than five (5) days from the warning of the final conclusion.

3.3.2 After the Motion for Reclassification and/or Reconsideration has been presented, the President or the Board must appoint a Committee on Second Review having five (5) Board...


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