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Procedure: How We Built Our Bridge

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- lots of Popsicle sticks (Length: 10cm, Width: 1cm)
- liquid glue
- grid paper
- pencil and eraser
Note: Let each gluing process dry until you proceed to the next step.
Creating the base of the bridge:
Step 1: First we wanted to make a blue print to create a visual representation on how our bridge will look like before building our bridge. We created a blue print because we want to see how the bridge will be arranged so that the bridge can maintain a brick, and for the width to be a distance of approximately 1.5m.
Step 2: After we made our blue print, we began to construct our bridge. We started off with 50 Popsicle sticks. Out of the 50 sticks we took 14 sticks.
Step 3: Here ...view middle of the document...

Step 7: Repeat step 3 – step 6 nine times.
Step 8: When you have all of the nine base pieces of the bridge, attach them with glue. The glue should be between the heights of each inside piece. Each inside piece should have glue on each opposite height, except for the end pieces (the left piece should have glue on the right side of the height; the right piece should have glue on the left side of the height).
Step 9: After you finish Step 8, start placing vertical Popsicle sticks along the top of the base. Start at the left edge of the base and work your way to the other edge of the base (which is the right). Remember to put glue on one side of each Popsicle stick. Keep doing this step until you covered the whole top of the base of the bridge.
Creating equilateral triangles for the bottom of the base:
Step 10: Now flip the base over, this step you will need lots of Popsicle sticks. Start off with 3 sticks. Dab glue at the ends of each stick (just like step 4 that you followed). The glue side has to be facing the table. Begin at the far left of the base, then get one of the three sticks and attach one of them at the tip of the bottom horizontal stick and the other tip on the middle of the top horizontal stick....

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