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Process Of Change Essay

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A story about William who wants to "CHANGE"

A story about William who wants to "CHANGE"

This is a case about a man named William. He wanted to see a counselor because he is not happy in his life and does not feel like doing anything. Always sits quite and argues with his wife all day.

I will give a little brief up in points:

Let's start with his family.

His mother died when he was born. He never saw his mother.

His father left him with his aunty, who took care of him.

He was in touch with his father but not too frequently

His aunty took good care of him, but he still missed his family a lot.

He got married at the age of 28 and shifted to other house

He has 2 children

He had 5 sisters and 1 brother.

Had good relationship with all his sisters but not with his brother

His work and studies

He worked very hard, got good education and opened his own business in partnership.

He hardly lived at home, lived in school hostel.

Only had few friends

He had lots of ups and down in his businesses.

First he had a factory which closed down due to workforce strike

Opened a small shop after the factory closed down, which was not successful

Then closed his shop and again opened a cement factory in partnership, in this his partner betrayed him.

He started drinking at a very young age. Got, addicted to that. Not even one day went without drinking.

His drinking increased due to all the issues (mentioned above) which he has seen in his life.

As I said, he was a very quite person, that caused him to never discuss any issues with his wife, which kept her in dark, due to which arguments occurred between them and made William more sad.

Now he has got sick due to heavy drinking. He wants to leave drinking but is not able to. If he does not drink he keeps remembering his bad moments of his life.


In the above case I would follow a process of change. I will try to change William from inside. If his thinking point of view of life changes, he would change completely and live his life forward rather than thinking of past.


Emotional first aid

Problem solving

Personality changes

Transpersonal Development

Clients with distresses and problems dominating their lives clearly start work at stages I and II. However, even when motivation to co-counsel arises from a stage III or IV issue

Emotional first aid

The major work at this stage involves recovering the natural ability to discharge. When William arrives at a session distressed, the provision of the safety contract and my attention may be all that is needed for William to discharge. After discharge William will experiences relief from the negative feelings, often involving dramatic shifts to relaxed positive feelings and appearance.

The first important learning is that discharge is a route out of distress, with the post-discharge state being...

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