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Steps In Medical Billing Essay

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Steps in the Medical Billing Process

Steps in the Medical Billing Process

There are several steps in the medical billing process. A medical specialist has a huge job in order to make sure that the services provide by the health care physician and the health insurance company's meet eye-to-eye and both agree on services that were given and the fee for each. These steps start with the patient first making an appointment and continue through collections if the patient has not made payment for the services received. The process starts with the patient pre-register.

Step one:

Check the schedule appointment and make any changes that might apply

Ask the patient about what complication he or she may be having at each visit

Collect patients personal and health information including insurance

Step two:

Check the patient health insurance and figure out what services are cover and which are not

Make sure that the patient health insurance up to date and active

Find out how much the patient is responsible for paying out of pocket such as a co-payment and such

Know which payer is first to be filed (if the patient has more than one health plan)

Make sure that the patient health care insurance does not ask for preauthorization and if so make sure that the produces are applied effectively

Make sure that the patient understands that any services that are not covered by the health insurances plan that he or she is responsible for the remaining balance or if they are uninsured that he or she is responsible for whole total

Step three:

Once all of the patient personal and health insurance is fill out and the patient understand who is responsible for payments the patient is then check in

All new patient will fill out all the required personal information and health insurance information and then a copy of personal identification card and health care card is scanned and printed and added to the file

All returning patient are asked if any information has changed since last visit and if so the information is changed and filed

At this time all co-payments or any outstanding payments should be collected

Any forms that may be needed to file with the health insurances plan by the patient should be filled out at this time such as procedures

Step four:

Once the patient has been treated and diagnosed then the patient must be checkout this is done in medical codes

When the licensed health care provider has seen a patient any services that have been done must be filed and recorder

The payment and any other outstanding balance must be recorder and updated along with the exact date the...

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