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Process Essay

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How to make an IPhone App
In our modern technological era, the development and advancement of cellular devices have led to the founding of different companies such as Apple. Apple has released various types of products such as the IPhone. In our age, almost all of the phones consist of apps of some kind. There are many different kinds of apps in the market, fit for different audiences and pleasures. Most of us use apps on a daily basis whether it is for personal pleasure or a productive reason. These apps were originated and produced by different people according to their interests. Some of you might wonder how a person can make such creative and productive apps. In order to successfully produce an IPhone app, there are many steps that relate to the brainstorming and building of the app.
Before you go straight into the building process, it is imperative that you brainstorm about your idea and have an effective plan. First of all, you have to come up with goals and expectations for your app. You need to know what you want to achieve through this app. You need to have a vivid vision on what you’re going to do with the app. Having a goal for the development of your app will ensure its success in the market. You also need to know the cost to produce an app, popularity, and find out about who will be managing its success. All these factors will go into the financial success rate for your application. Also, examine other people’s applications and how they make profits from them. Learn from their successful and failed experiences in the market (Gordon).
Some other essential things you need to consider for the brainstorming stage is your audience, what your app will do, how you will build it and evaluation. Your app should be directed towards a specific audience. It should also have a purpose to it. Why are you creating the application? What purpose does it serve? You should bring into notice of whether or not the app is centered towards gaming or productivity. You should also think about the various features and functions your application will have (Dinesh). Consider how you will publicize your app in the market such as advertising or having social campaigns. Another factor to consider is evaluation. You should always get an expert opinion on your application in order to make sure your idea is effective and that it can follow through. You could go to “IPhone app marketing professionals” or even IPhone app developers (Gordon). Ask them for their advice and feedback on specific factors that go along with the application such as marketing, performance of the application, and the actual idea and blueprint of it. An evaluation will be extremely beneficial to you because it will let you know what fits best for your app and it also gives you tips and feedback on what you already came up with. It also lets you know if there will be any limitations because of technical issues and whether or not it will be profitable.
After completing the brainstorming of...

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