Process Essay, 1st Year English(College). "How To Create A Faux Finish." Recieved An A And Supposedly The Teacher Performed This Technique In Her Home! Subheadings

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English 1210: 6:30 TTHMarch 2004How to create a faux finish: Subtractive Glazing Method / Frottage Throughout the years magicians, artists, and all people alike try to fool the eye. This can be achieved in many different ways, but one that hits close to home is decorative finishing, commonly referred to as " faux finishing". With the hundreds of paint colors and mediums available to the public at hardware stores, this is now becoming a popular trend. Why go and spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, (depending on the size of the home) when you can do it yourself? Even though it can be a timely event, if you follow the steps properly, you will be happier with the results knowing you put your own artistic freedoms into the work, and that you saved a ton of money! The Frottage method produces a soft and warm ambience to the room. The pattern will look like small sunbursts or snowflakes, adding depth and aesthetic value to a once dreary room.Faux finishes provide many advantages over wallpaper, paint, or paneling. For example, it can be applied to almost any surface, given that the correct material primer is used. It will also last longer then wallpaper. With wallpaper having seams, humidity and environmental changes can cause the paper to peal or discolor. In fact faux finishes actually can become more beautiful with age. Also, if you have a wall that has had layer upon layer of paint, water damage, or unevenness in the texture, the faux finish will add depth and vary from one area to the next, causing the imperfections to disappear into the paint. Faux Finish can change how large or small a room looks. You can make a smaller area appear larger, by using lighter colors and a soft technique. It can also make a large area appear smaller by using dark colors and a dramatic technique. You may also want to bring the ceiling down or you may push it up, all done simply by utilizing colors. There are numerous reasons why faux finishing your walls will be the right choice.BASICSBefore you can get to the actually painting, there is some simple prep that needs to be done. You must remember that this form of finishing is an art form and you are the artist. I simply give you the basic tools to work with. Do not be afraid to express yourself, fool around with the techniques and you will develop a finish that is yours alone. The beauty of these finishing techniques is that they can all be "undone". If you are not happy with an area, simply go over it until you are satisfied with the result.Step 1: PREPARATION OF SURFACEPreparation of the surface is a key element before you begin this project. You want to make sure the walls are clean and rid of any dust or grease, this may prevent your paint from drying properly and keep your brushes lasting longer. If the wall has been previously painted and you have chosen a color that is grossly different from the original color, remember to prime the walls. Primer is best in a water-based form; it washed...

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1572 words - 6 pages him.Ares, Hebe, Hephaestus, and Eileitha were the names of Hera's kids. She was known as the "White Armed Goddess." When she fragranced her body with lotion, it filled the universe with that delectable smell that no one could resist.Hera was goddess of childbirth and marriage. Every year Hera would go to the spring Canathus as Nauplia and renewed her virginity, by bathing in the mystical water.The few bad things that Hera had was a temper, and

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