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Process Fairness Essay

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es do during a layoff to appear to be fair?
To be fair companies can give their employees a fair amount of time before they enforce the layoff. Giving the employee a choice to leave immediately or after a two week notice. Employees have responsibilities and families to take care of, which means a sudden lay off can be extremely difficult. With a choice to leave in two weeks the employee has an option to figure out what their next step should be or give them time to file for unemployment. After the hours and years of work put into any company a sudden layoff is showing absolutely no respect for the employee.

Define "process fairness".
Process fairness can be considered a genuine fair way to lead employees to layoffs or change. Most companies that take the time and effort for the process of explaining the reason of layoff to the employee gain respect. Process fairness betters the relationship between the employer and employee. Process fairness is beneficial to both the employer and the employee from a financial and emotional perspective. The employer saves money while at the same time earns the emotional satisfaction and respect of the employee. Studies show the employee will be likely to return working with the company during the time of rehire. Process fairness is a professional way to create partnership at any level of the workforce. For example, the employers should ask for the opinions and ideas of the employees. With respect, value and a strategic plan employers avoid the awkward situation during the time of termination or change.

Why is it so hard to be fair?
It is hard to be fair because from a company’s perspective it is often better to withhold information. Often companies keep the truth from the employees to avoid lawsuit. At times manager’s are not given the right to explain why they made any decision to the employees. Fairness can be subjective what one person considers fair may not be the same to another person. Hence, some companies may avoid process...

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