Process Identification And Analysis

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Achieving Quality through Continual ImprovementThere exist two troubling trends faced by the plastic beverage container division or Riordan Manufacturing. The overall results of the trends are lowered levels of customer satisfaction, and higher overhead costs. These trends are to be measured and analyzed in order to recommend a viable solution. This analysis of the process is very important to Riordan Manufacturing's strategic plan. An outline of the quality improvement for this process will be fully explained. Recommendations and basis for further investigation also accompany the analysis.Target ProcessRecent developments have led to focus on one particular area of the plastic beverage container molding process. A marked increase in bottle rejects due to fluctuation in finished volume has lead to a heightened level of scrutiny on the process. A recent increase in the level of customer complaints due to the same inconsistency found to be inherent in the volume of the finished product. Our engineers have been directed to implement a new system by which to identify the root of the inconsistency. This will allow for the mitigation of the inconsistent volumes and provide for the most cost effective solution while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.Process DescriptionThe following is a high-level breakdown description of the blow molding process by which the plastic beverage container division manufactures the subject containers.Raw materials arrive at storage facility.Quality controls samples each shipment before offload occurs to ensure condition of the raw materials.If the samples are not adequate shipment is rejected, if acceptable the raw materials are offloaded to a controlled storage facility.Blow molding process is commissioned and started.Raw materials are fed into the blow molder at a controlled rate and climate.Quality control samples the raw materials as they enter the blow molder to ensure condition at time of manufacture.Blow molding process is executed.Final machining of the beverage containers occurs.Quality control takes random samples to assure levels of expected quality.Automated measuring systems measure each bottle to a finite level of accuracy.Substandard products are rejected and recycled to the front end of the production line.Acceptable products are moved to the cleansing areas.Beverage containers enter the cleansing unit to be disinfected.Containers are packaged for distribution to the customers.Containers are shipped.As-Is Flow ChartImportance of Analyzing a ProcessContinual development of a process requires continual analysis and adjustment. Looking at the process step by step allows for reasoning to lead the charge to demanding that the processstand up to analysis. The process must be continually challenged by the standards to which it is held. Specifications change, customer demands evolve, and the process must be able to adapt to these changes. A robust process can be conceived but must be tailored to...

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