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Process Paper

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There are many great leaders in the world today, though many don’t know what it is that makes them great leaders. In the novel Divergent, by Veronica Roth, leadership is not just shown through the main protagonist, but also through the other characters. Four is a character in the book that possesses great leadership skills. He’s dependable and provides good advice, especially to Tris who gets in a lot of troublesome situations. The qualities that make a successful leader are keeping a level head, and being ready to protect other individuals around you no matter what it may cost you.
The ability to keep a level head is necessary in order to become a successful leader. For example, in chapter 16 of Divergent, Tris consoles Edward after he gets stabbed in the eye. “It will be all right.”(Roth 143) Tris is calmly reassuring him that help is on the way; in a situation like this panicking will only make the situation worse. Usually the first thing people do when something horrible has happened is panic, that’s why there needs to be that one person who can stand up and take control of the situation before chaos happens. The best thing a leader can do is stay calm and help get others through a situation. Furthermore, in chapter 22, when Tris is being attacked, Four rescues and conciliates her in a safer place later. “He hurt you because your strength made him feel weak. No other reason.”(Roth 198) Though Four may be a person of little words, those few words were enough to console Tris and give her courage. Many leaders comfort people through actions and sometimes friendly gestures are all a person needs. Keeping a level head definitely is a quality successful leaders need to have, with this ability they are able to fully analyze a situation and handle it accordingly. Keeping a level head definitely is a good quality for a successful leader, with this ability they are fully able to analyze a situation and think about what needs to be done when faced with a problem. Many of the Divergent characters possess this quality, just like many world leaders, this quality...

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