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Process Paper Murder

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Nothing can be more frustrating than having a guilty murderer slip through the justice system and get away free. There’s no way to try them again for the same case due to the double jeopardy rule, so here are a few easy steps to help them find justice.
You start by going to your Walmart or Sam’s club. Your grocery list should include the following; 4+ fifty yard rolls of industrial plastic wrap, a couple rolls of duct tape, a box of black trash bags, set hunting knives, and multiple rolls of shrink wrap. You will also have to find somewhat large rock, you will need quite a few. The final item on your grocery list will be to order the sedative M99 online under a fake vet’s name. M99 is a powerful tranquilizer used in vets on larger animals. You will also need access to a boat, whether you rent it or have your own. Make sure the boats tank is completely full. Don’t forget a single item on the list. None are optional.
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Get you M99 ready. You will now need to follow said person until they are alone and you can inject them with the M99. Once you have injected them you need to place them in the back of your car out of sight of any other people in the traffic. You don’t want to risk being seen with them so be sure you are alone when you pick them up. You then need to transport them to your room wherever it might be. Don’t worry about them waking up on the ride either, the effects of M99 last hours.
The next step is very important. When carrying said person into the room do not let any personal belongings or DNA get on anything that can link them to being there. You will next place them on the table in the center of the room from the earlier step. It is now time to get out the shrink wrap. Begin wrapping the shrink wrap around the table and their torso, arms, and legs to secure them to the table where they are unable to move. The shrink wrap is also handy, because it doesn’t leave any struggle marks. Be sure they can’t escape from the wrap.
It’s time to wake them with a pinch or slap. When they wake up they will be confused and distraught about why and how they got there. You will next need to explain to them that justice is finally being served. Take your knife and finish the job the justice system didn’t.
The final step is to take out the trash. First, put said person into bags and use your duct tape to secure the bags around them with some of the large rocks you gathered inside. Next you will gather the wrap on the walls and any other items in the room and place them in the trash bags. Every bag you fill will need rocks in it also. Place the rest of the items in your vehicle with the bag out of sight of any traffic. Carefully drive to where your boat is docked and quickly load the bags onto the boat and take a voyage out to the most remote deep area of the ocean or lake nearest to you. Try and do this at night to avoid any water traffic. Dump all of the bags into the water and turn back to land.
By now you have completed every step thoroughly. If you follow every step carefully you will get the job done. Make sure you don’t miss any steps or groceries, it could ruin your whole justice process. So good luck to whoever is doing this.

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