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Process Identification Essay

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AbstractIn the Process Identification paper, we start with a summary of the Toyota Motor Corporation company and a look at the importance of quality and safety. We then turn to a specific case study review, Toyota: The Accelerator Crisis (2010), by Greto, Schotter, and Teagarden for an overview of the accelerator issue that affected the company. From here we identify candidate process areas for improvement or innovation and then discussing the specific opportunities including impact and benefits. We finish with a conclusion on the role of operations management in aligning requirements and customer feedback to maximize value.IntroductionToyota SummaryToyota is one of the worlds' largest automotive companies. Toyota sold 7,352 thousand vehicles in fiscal 2012 on a consolidated basis and had net revenues of ¥18,583.6 billion and net income attributable to Toyota Motor Corporation of ¥283.5 billion in fiscal 2012, (Toyota, 2012). Toyota's automotive operations include the design, manufacture, assembly and sale of passenger cars, minivans and commercial vehicles such as trucks and related parts and accessories, (Toyota, 2012). Toyota sells its vehicles in approximately 170 countries and regions. Toyota's primary markets for its automobiles are Japan, North America, Europe and Asia, (Toyota, 2012).Toyota has long been renowned for their "revolutionized management, manufacturing, and production philosophies", such as "lean production, a system that prizes flexibility (rather than efficiency) and quality (rather than quantity)", (Russell & Taylor, 2011, p. 7). In the automotive industry, meeting customer quality and safety expectations are critical and this acknowledgement is evidenced in the Toyota Motor Corporation, Annual Report on form 20-F:Meeting customer demand by introducing attractive new vehicles and reducing the amount of time required for product development are critical to automotive manufacturers. In particular, it is critical to meet customer demand with respect to quality, safety and reliability. The timely introduction of new vehicle models, at competitive prices, meeting rapidly changing customer preferences and demand is more fundamental to Toyota's success than ever, as the automotive market is rapidly transforming in light of the changing global economy.In the highly competitive automotive industry, it is critical to maintain and develop a brand image. In order to maintain and develop a brand image, it is necessary to further increase customers' confidence by providing safe, high-quality products that meet customer preferences and demand. If Toyota is unable to effectively maintain and develop its brand image as a result of its inability to provide safe, high-quality products or as a result of the failure to promptly implement safety measures such as recalls when necessary, vehicle unit sales and/or sale prices may...

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