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Process Identification and AnalysisRiordan Manufacturing is an industry leader in plastics. One of the most important fundamentals in creating a successful business is having happy, satisfied customers that keep coming back. Improvement and learning can be directed toward better products and services. Team B will identify a process selected for targeted improvement, an As-Is flowchart of the current process, and quality tools that can be used to collect and present data to help Riordan better themselves in the plastic manufacturing business.Process Identification Targeted for ImprovementRiordan has a common set of procedures for inventory control in all of its plants. Riordan has three manufacturing plants: Hangzhou, China, Albany, Georgia, and Pontiac, Michigan that develop various plastic products; all of which have inventory control problems. The organization maintains inventory such as raw materials and warranty items based on the previous year's sales. However, each new year Riordan's customers negotiate new contracts for products. During the year, there may be new custom products that are not mass produced because they are unique to that customer. Review of the current inventory process show minimal computer system usage. Improvement by streamlining the inventory systems or reinventing Riordan's inventory process would increase productivity.Why Analyzing a Process Can be Useful in Improving QualityDeveloping a process requires constant analysis and adjustment. The process must be continually challenged by the standards that are held. Things like changes to the specifications to the product and customer demands must be able to adapt to adjustments and changes as needed. A strong and thorough process can be conceived but must be adapted to allow for custom applications and specifications. This accuracy allows for rate of the process to be increased resulting in substantially higher production. Increased production results in lower manufacturing costs and higher revenue. In addition, analyzing a process allows for measuring elements to be implemented. Finding the exact location of the error and exactly what the error is, will allow for the process to be improved and the overall quality of the product to increase. This will be beneficial to Riordan in their manufacturing and inventory processes.Quality ToolsManaging inventory can be a difficult task to take on for any manufacturing company. The work levels are constantly swinging from calm to chaos and finding the correct balance is determined by the supply and demand of the customers. If the demand is high then the possibility of having a product on backorder increases and the customers may seek competitors for the same product. If the demand is low then there could be an overstock of merchandise resulting in tying up company funds. This cycle of supply and demand occurs with every new product.Rather than the management team panicking at the last moment and buying a lot of manufacturing...

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