Procrastination: A Student’s Worst Enemy Essay

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A giant science project worth 50% of your grade is due in two weeks. What should you do? Obviously, you should begin it work on it immediately, leaving time afterwards to revise and edit it to ensure a high grade. However this is not the case with most students. Usually, they choose to wait until the night before the due date to hastily finish the work most possibly receiving a low grade. This is called procrastination, and it is probably the most common problem a student can have. Unfortunately, if untreated, this problem can become very serious and cause you develop harmful habits that can impair your ability to succeed. If you understand the causes and harmful effects of procrastination ...view middle of the document...

“This is the part of the brain that really separates humans from animals, who are just controlled by stimulus,” says Pychyl. However, Spencer says, “But there’s nothing automatic about its function. You must kick it into gear.” And if you are not fully engaged a particular task, then the limbic system will cause you to procrastinate again. This shows that you have to find the willpower to remove all distractions like turning off your phones and closing Facebook to ensure your limbic system won’t influence you to procrastinate. Thus, procrastination all boils down to a battle for control between two parts of your brain.
Procrastination comes with a heavy price tag, developing into consequences which are more serious than just a low grade. First off, procrastinators experience a lot more stress and anxiety than non-procrastinators. In other words, it’s the feeling you get while you are trying in vain to finish an essay in the computer lab at lunch. Bad grades from procrastinating can also result in stress. Alarmingly, stress can cause a variety of health problems. In the article “Stress Symptoms, Signs, and Causes” by Melinda Smith, M.A., Robert Segal, M.A., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D., it states that stress “disrupts nearly every system in your body. It can raise blood pressure, suppress the immune system, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, contribute to infertility, and speed up the aging process.” This is especially serious because procrastination is one of the most common problems one can have making stress common in most students. Also, stress can lead to drug use because as the article, “Stress and Drug Abuse: The Brain Connection” states, “Stress can cause changes in the brain like those caused by addictive drugs. This suggests that some people who experience stress may be more vulnerable to drug addiction or drug relapse.” This reminds you that even serious problems like drugs can develop from simple problems like procrastination. Also, procrastinators usually lack self control. This can develop into serious habits in the future. For example, a lack of self control can lead to substance abuse in the future. Finally, procrastination can lower your popularity among your classmates because when you procrastinate, responsibility is put on others. For instance, when you procrastinate on your part in a group project and receive a low grade, the entire group will suffer. As a result your popularity will decline once again producing additional stress. This shows the great importance of eliminating procrastination as allowing it to continue can lead to the establishment of potentially harmful habits and to many adverse health effects.
Fortunately, procrastination can be easily eradicated with a few simple tips. Many...

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