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Procrastination Affects Student’s Academic Perfomance Negatively

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The dictionary definition of the verb “procrastinate” is “to postpone, put off, defer, prolong.” The word comes from the joining of two Latin words: pro, meaning “forward,” and crastinus, which means “belonging to tomorrow.” Forward it to tomorrow, otherwise known as “I’ll do it later.” According to a research in 2007, estimates of procrastination in college students ran as high as 75 percent, with 50 percent of students reporting that they procrastinate consistently and consider it a problem. Moreover, many people believe that they are a good person only when they perform well. Thus, students tend to procrastinate in order to be good in everything they do. Consequently, this action may cause negative impact on their examination grades. Thus, I agree that procrastination affects student’s academic performance negatively for three reasons.
First and foremost, procrastination causes students unable to complete their task very well. When the students procrastinate, they wait until last minute to start doing assignments. They come up with some great excuses in order to feel less uncomfortable or guilty about delaying tasks given. For example, some typical excuses that justify putting things off include “I’m too tired now”; “I’m not in the right mood”; “I’ve got to clean up first.”. According to Jane (1983), one of the procrastinator code is “It’s safer to do nothing than to take a risk and fail”. Therefore, excuses are given in order to hide the fear of failure and burden in doing tasks. Besides, when students procrastinate, they might be missing some important facts and doing careless mistakes. Moreover, they might also be cheating while doing the tasks given. These actions are mainly because they do the works at the eleventh hour. In order to finish the works before the dateline, they will take any possible actions as long as the works are done. In short, procrastination causes students unable to complete their task very well.
Besides, procrastination lowers down student’s grade in examination. When students procrastinate they prefer to study at the very last minutes whether for quizzes or examinations. There are several risks that will be faced by...


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