: Procrastination Brings Unfavorable Effects On How The Students Perform In School Though It Can Be Beneficial To Them With Proper Time Management.

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Procrastination has been a significant and a common issue in most if not all of the schools worldwide. This is because a lot of students just have the urge to procrastinate their requirements, no matter what that requirement is. According to Marc Chernoff, there can be different reasons why people tend to procrastinate. One reason is when they do not have sufficient motivation to start their work. Another is when they are distracted by their surroundings, making it difficult for them to start working. At times, people procrastinate because they find it hard to decide where they should start first or because they completely do not understand what they need to do. Also, some are usually lazy to do their work while others do not start their work because they want to think about it carefully first so that they can do it perfectly. There are various reasons why people procrastinate and in the same way, there are also various effects when people tend to procrastinate. Procrastination brings unfavorable effects on how the students perform in school though it can be beneficial to them with proper time management.

A lot of students tend to procrastinate in anything that they need to do without knowing that procrastination may cause anxiety and may diminish a student’s performance in academics. According to Henry P.H. Chow, “procrastination has been linked to other adverse behavior and outcomes including poor study habits, test anxiety, cramming for examinations, late submission of course work, fear of failure, fear of social disapproval by peers, lower grades, sense of guilt, and depression (Clark & Hill, 1994; Dewitte & Schouwenburg, 2002; Ferrari & Scher, 2000; Fritzsche, Young, & Hickson, 2003; Lay & Schouwenburg, 1993; Lee, 2005; Midgley & Urdan, 2001; Uzun Ozer, Demir, & Ferrari, 2009)” (Chow 234). Based on the ideas of Chow, procrastination can cause behaviors that are unusual in regular circumstances. Other students who procrastinate feel worried that they might not do well in the tests or feel guilty when they fail, knowing that they could have done a better job if they actually gave effort in studying for the tests (Chow 234). Some students fail to anticipate the time that they need to finish their work when they procrastinate that is why they end up submitting their works late (Chow 234). Chow also explains that when students procrastinate a lot, they become comfortable doing it until they reach the point wherein procrastinating is something natural for them to do. In another article written by Amanda Lawless, procrastinating can also be considered as self-handicapping yourself. This means that the students already have the capability to perform well when assignments are given to them but they refuse to use their abilities and decide to procrastinate their works instead. Another author, Noran Yaakub, said that “[p]rocrastination has been found to result from cognitive distortions or faulty thinking (Ellis and Knaus, 1977) and also related to...

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