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Procrastination Is Such A Drag Essay

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Procrastination seems to be a habit that everyone is struggling trying to leave behind. When it comes to school or work it becomes the students’ or employees’ worst enemy, procrastination is something that even I try to stop, however it does not last very long. I would say it is like a diet; some people attempt to do it, but it only lasts for a short period of time. The effects of procrastination are the main logic to why people do not like it so much. I believe that life would be so much better or perhaps easier if procrastination never existed, however it is part of the human nature so we will just have to live with it.
School is one of the places that people procrastinate regularly. In the high school that I attended, every year for each science class; the students were required to do a science project for a science fair. Due to my lack of managing time wisely, I always felt like I had a very short period of time to work on my project. I use to think the reasons were because I was busy with other school things, work, or basketball practice. Reminiscing back during those times, I realize that I had plenty of free time to work on my project, but instead I used those spare times doing what I wanted and not should be doing. So, when it came down to the last weeks or months before the projects’ due date, I always had to rush and resolve what was the simplest project to do so I could get it done within just a few days or so.
Not only can procrastination cause my poor timing, but sometimes it would also cause me to forget about the things that I was supposed to do. For example, doing homework or studying for a test. I would frequently tell myself that I can get it done later in the day or night. Then when the day end, I would get a feeling that I had something to do for the day, but I would not be able to remember what it was until the following morning. When it comes to the time for the test, I would get frustrated for the reason that if I would studied instead of...

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