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Procurement Software Revisited Essay

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While I continue blazing a trail on the frontier of paperless contracting, the United States Defense Department is discovering a new set of opportunities and challenges emerging from change in the contracting theatre. As in any formidable military operation, its leaders are striving to complete the mission successfully, while gathering information to distribute with others who are sure to follow the path of more efficient procurement practices.As we discussed previously, PD2 is constructed in layers to provide flexibility for diverse Defense Department agencies. Although this program is partially proprietary, it works with a suite of products produced by Microsoft and Lotus applications. Because procurement divisions feature a wide range of existing components, the selected technology had to accommodate a variety of elements. PD2 supports stand-alone personal computers, large-scale servers, Windows networks, and other networking protocols.The software is employed throughout the entire procurement cycle including requirement definition, pre-solicitation, solicitation, source selection, award, award administration, acceptance, payment, and closeout. I would keep the existing database as a baseline; however, I would accommodate changing regulations as well as additional capabilities as well as updates to the software issued on a quarterly basis. My version, PD2 Version 5.0, will feature an updated architecture of all the features currently installed in the program, but also allow for the import of PDF files or word documents essential to the contracting process. (PD2 does not currently allow attachments or document import).Because of the magnitude of the task, I would take an incremental approach in training personnel as well as delivery and implementation of the software. The Standard Procurement System (SPS) is for an audience that is very different from most computer users.This methodology is made up of five stages. The first stage is a feasibility study. A proposed information system is examined to determine whether the specific businessProcurement 3requirements are met. The methodology is a sequential one. If the organization is happy that its requirements are met then the next stage is started. If the organization is not happy then another study will be carried out. The next stage is the analysis of the current system. This involves creating the plans necessary and agreeing on the size and depth of the study. A detailed investigation of the current system is undertaken, in terms of data structure and system processes.This investigation is documented together with any requirements and problems. There are several information-gathering techniques implemented such as observation, interviewing and conducting questionnaires with the organizations employees.The third stage is the requirement specification. The system option that the organization has chosen is documented in full detail. An examination of the input and output can be examined. There...

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