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The Prodigal Sons

Simba from “The Lion King” and Joseph from the Bible are stories most people have heard of. What most people don’t know is the two stories are very parallel to each other. The two stories are almost one in the same. Of course there are some differences, the first one being Joseph is a non-fictional story and Simba is a fictional story. The two stories have similarities and differences in aspects, such as setting, plot, characterization, tricksters, and more.

Both set in Africa, “The Lion King” and Joseph have a similar environment. The weather, plants and culture are all the same in the two stories. However, they do take place in different areas of Africa. Although we don’t know exactly where in Africa “The Lion King” took place, we do know Simba lived on an open plain where animals can roam free for miles and miles. In contrast Joseph lives in Egypt which is a more developed area of Africa. There aren’t many lions just roaming free in Egypt.

The plots are almost perfectly parallel to each other. Simba and Joseph both were the golden child, as some may say. In other words they were the family favorites. They were first in line to inherit something great. Both had jealous family members, who lied, deceived, and did whatever they could to get what they thought was rightfully theirs. They were both betrayed by their family members. Both rose up against all odds, conquered and took the throne of his kingdom. On the other hand, Simba was already in line to be king; Joseph was not. Simba’s uncle, Scar, was the jealous family member. Scar was jealous of Simba because he wanted to be king. Scar would have been next in line for the throne if Simba wasn’t born. After Simba was born, Scar teamed up with the Hyenas and planned their take over. In the story of Joseph, his brothers were jealous of him because he was their father’s favorite. Their father gave Joseph everything nice and he never had to work for it. When their father gave Joseph a rainbow colored robe that’s when the brothers started planning their revenge. Scars revenge or take over plan was much different than that of Joseph’s brothers. Scar first attempt to get rid of Simba was by using reverse psychology. He told Simba to not go to the elephant graveyard. He said not to but he describes it as a place any young lion cub would love to go. So of course Simba went, not realizing how dangerous it would be. When he arrived him and his friend, Nala, got chased by three hyenas. Scar knew they would be as good as dead, but what he did expect was Mufasa coming in and saving the lion cubs. Since the first attempted failed, Scar planned another attempt. He led Simba down to a valley, where he told him his father would meet him. As Simba waited for his father the hyenas started a stampede, in which the animals ran through the valley. Mufasa rushed to save his son. Once he saved Simba he tried to get to safety but Scar pushed him...

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