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After the Zhou Dynasty was overthrown, a new dynasty arose (to replace it) in the third century called the Qin Dynasty. Its ruler and founder was Qin Shi Huang Di, he created an autocracy government. He supported Legalist ideas and used them to unify his country and control the warring stated. Qin first built up China’s strength and all the internal conflicts within the land. He also rid the country of invaders; from the north (Huang He) and from the south. This doubled the size of China and he became famous for helping the country so greatly. He stopped political conflicts as well by creating a policy called “strengthening the tree and weakening the branches” which commanded noble families to live in the capital where they would be safer and under watchful gaze. Qin Shi Huang Di then took the land of the nobles and split the countries into 36 provinces, which were each controlled by officials. This prevented less conflicts and rivalries between mass amounts of people, but at the same time unified them under one ruler with peace. However, Qin Shi Huang Di thought ideas of Confucianism as brought about criticism and eventually a weak country. He murdered hundreds of Confucian scholars and ordered their religious books to be burned. A network of highways was built, set standards for writing, law, and currency throughout the country, made irrigation projects, and trade flourished. But the poor did not like him for there were very harsh taxes and they were forced to work on the Great Wall under horrible conditions (many died). The Confucian scholars also hated them for the burning of their books. Qin soon feared death and obsessed over elixirs that were said to give oneself immortality. In drinking one it killed him. Afterwards his son rose to power, failed to regain strength, and a couple leaders later the Qin Dynasty fell.
In the time of the Greek city-states they had many different forms of government. Some city-states governed by the means of a monarchy, in which the ruling power is in the hands of a single person. This form of government declined because the leaders had little ability of making weapons to conquer other lands. Many of the citizens began to fight each other for survival and eventually destroyed each other. Others formed an aristocracy, in which the government was rules by a small group of noble landowning families. These families would often serve in the military cavalry of a monarchy government and then gain political power (therefore making the government an aristocracy). However, wealthy merchants and artisans emerged, through trade, in some city-states. They often disagreed with the government rules (or shared the political power with the aristocrats), and overthrew the harsh aristocracy gaining political power. This type of government was called an oligarchy, in which the ruling power is in the hands of a few powerful people. Although, the rulers were harsh and many citizens rebelled, others lost faith in the leaders when...

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