Product Analysis Clinique 3 Step System

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PRODUCT ANALYSIS PRODUCT AND BRAND NAME: Clinique 3-Step System MAJOR FEATURES AND CORRESPONDING BENEFITS OF PRODUCT: Clinique Facial Soap Features Benefits Unique soap formulated to Provides thorough specifically cleanse skin. cleaning and leaves skin comfortable.Cushioned lathering. Mild, gentle to skin.No wax fillers. Easy to rinse off.Hard-milled and generously Long lasting (3-4 months).sized (hard milling renders a A great value.solid bar without air).Clinically formulated by Soap is generally dermatologists. recommended by dermatologists as the best way to clean skin.Clinique Clarifying Lotion Features Benefits Exfoliation, which helps Skin appears smoother, speed the natural renewal softer with more light of skin cells. reflecting qualities.Contains Menthol. Provides a cool, refreshing feeling for the skin.Exfoliation, removes Allows better make-up dead skin cells. application. Make-up goes on smoother and stays on longer.Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion Features Benefits Lightweight formula. Comforts and soothes skin.Replaces lost moisture.Non-greasy formula. Leaves no residue.Penetrates into keratin layer.Replenishes moisture only Skin looks fresher and when needed. healthier.CURRENT ADVERTISEMENTS (MAJOR MEDIA SOURCES AND DOMINANT THEMES): Media Source Theme Mailer (McRae's Dept. Store) Free Gift/ 3-Step System Billboards (Paris Subway) 3-Step System Mademoiselle Magazine (Sept. 2000) Hair Care TOP TWO MAJOR COMPETITORS: 1. Origins 2. Estee Lauder The information was obtained from primary and secondary research. The primary sources were Jennifer Falcon, a Clinique Business Manager and Lori Hinton, a Clinique Consultant. The secondary source was attained from the Estee Lauder website.COMPARE YOUR PRODUCT TO YOUR COMPETITORS PRODUCTS (ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES:) Clinique Origins Estee Lauder ADVANTAGES Price $29.50 $55.00 $57.50 Packaging Set Package Separate Separate Variety of Formula 5 Strengths 2 Strengths 1 Strength DISADVANTAGES UV Protection None SPF 15 SPF 15 Alcohol-free Contains alcohol No alcohol No alcohol Oil-free moisturizer Not oil-free Oil-free Oil-free CURRENT AVERAGE PRICE (OR PRICE RANGE) AND LOCATIONS OF SALE: Price = $29.50 Location= All major department stores (Ex: Bloomingdale's, Dillard's, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, McRae's, Parisians, and Saks Fifth Avenue) OTHER...

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