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Product Green Renovations: Company Offers And Michael Porter’s Five Force Analysis

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Product- Green Renovations provides a service of renovating a client’s house in an eco-friendly manner i.e., using resources that are sustainable in nature, renewable, and less harmful to the environment. For example- installing rainwater harvesting system, put solar panels for several purposes, waste management, water recycling etc.

Price- There are 4 basic plans incorporated, the prices are based on these-
Small plan- includes any one of the following- Bathroom/ kitchen/ Bedroom for Rs.1,00,000
Medium plan- includes any two- Bathroom+ kitchen/ bedroom+ bathroom/ kitchen + bedroom for Rs. 2,00,000
Large plan- medium sized apartment including 3 bedrooms, 2 bath rooms, 1 kitchen and 1 lobby for Rs. 10,00,000
Supreme plan- for a bungalow of two floors for Rs. 30,00,000
*Prices are subject to change if sizes are bigger.

Place- Green Renovations is a project based in Bangalore as the climate and client profile meet the criteria of the service.

Promotion- Green Renovations would be promoted widely through newspapers, magazines, flyers, social networking sites, e-marketing, and networking.

People- Venture customers would be people belonging to the upper and upper-middle class of the society who are concerned about the environment and want to take up measures in helping with its sustainability. Also, try and increase the market by making people aware about the environmental conditions.

Process- Clients that are interested in renovating their houses and making it more eco-friendly contact the firm with their needs and preferences. The firm then looks into the house, informs the contractor and starts its renovating process and keeps the client up to date with the progress of the project. The architects and interior designers design the house and then supervise the masons assigned to complete the task. Clients can get...

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