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PLC - The Life of a Product Ideas, Talent, Time, Quality, and Resources. These are the elements that create a new product. Imagine a workplace where the process of product development is so organized that products not only gratify the customer, but are delivered on time and ahead of the competition. Imagine a company that makes more money because of timely product deliveries and rewards its employees accordingly. This is what the Product Life Cycle can do for a company.An effective PLC process is about pulling in the same direction; it lets people work together more efficiently. A company that can leverage technologies and resources across product lines, optimizes development cycle time and product consistency. The process emphasizes teamwork and cooperative achievement of goals. For management, it provides a way of managing many products and at the same time controlling investment. For development teams, it provides a method of getting decisions made and defining bound of empowerment. For both, it defines the phases, steps, tasks, and activities that move a product quickly through the life cycle.The PLC process is based on the principle of cross-functional teams working within a structured process moving toward a common goal. This allows decisions to be made at the level where there is the most information and in a way that generates maximum buy-in by all involved. The result is that the company as a whole moves in one direction.There are seven files within my PLC process. Each of these files reflects a major stage of product development. In each file specific information must be entered before the project can continue into the next phase. The phase structure helps to manage the project. Instead of trying to encompass the entire project and all its issues, the team can concentrate on the immediate tasks at hand.The purpose of the Proposal Phase file (Phase 1) is to explore ideas for new products and improvements to existing products, and to assess their potential strategic fit, business merit, and technical feasibility. This phase is intended to be relatively easy to complete because the assumptions will be validated in the Requirements Phase (Phase 2). The Proposal Phase is characterized by many assumptions and uncertainties that limit the team to rough estimates of technology, product and development cost, and market potential.The Requirements Phase (Phase 2) is the fundamental building block of the PLC. The purpose of this phase is to define a controlled set of market and product requirements that are understood and agreed upon by the teams involved in developing and delivering the product.The team needs to thoroughly plan, analyze, and refine the project. Work begins with teams assigned to the project. The team needs access to the expertise needed to ensure that plans are reasonable, accurate, and focused. Resources, schedules, and plans for the entire project are evaluated and accepted in this phase. An important part of the Requirements...

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2347 words - 9 pages What is the product life cycle? The PLC indicates that products have four things in common: (1) they have a limited lifespan; (2) their sales pass through a number of distinct stages, each of which has different characteristics, challenges, and opportunities; (3) their profits are not static but increase and decrease through these stages; and (4) the financial, human resource, manufacturing, marketing and purchasing strategies that products

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2057 words - 8 pages 1. Introduction ? What Product Life Cycle is about The Product Life Cycle (PLC) is a theoretical concept, which put forward that any product idea will go through different stages from beginning to the end. PLC is typically divided into 4 stages and could be illustrated by a bell-shaped curve (see figure 1). The stages are, namely: · Introduction · Growth · Maturity · Decline Total sales of the product vary in each of

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2145 words - 9 pages Learning Team Meeting Three AssignmentD. Describe the pace at which your product will move through the product life cycle and the factors that will impact its movement.Product Lifecycle Management, PLM, integrates engineering, manufacturing and service to reduce costs, improve quality and reduce time to market. Today, PLM has evolved to include the entire enterprise. This means coexistence with other point solutions and enterprise applications

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3354 words - 13 pages IntroductionIt has been a well-established idea for many years that most of products follow a life cycle like living organisms passing through a cycle from born to death, but product life cycle itself is not unmanageable, and it depends on market actions very much. Appropriate management and strategic options can alter the shape and duration of a brand's life, which can result in the increase of current rate of sales.The theory breaks the

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