Product Life Cycle As A Strategic Marketing Tool

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1. Introduction ? What Product Life Cycle is about The Product Life Cycle (PLC) is a theoretical concept, which put forward that any product idea will go through different stages from beginning to the end. PLC is typically divided into 4 stages and could be illustrated by a bell-shaped curve (see figure 1). The stages are, namely: · Introduction · Growth · Maturity · Decline Total sales of the product vary in each of the 4 stages. They move from zero in the introduction stage to high at maturity and then back to low in decline stage. Profit will not appear until towards the end of introduction stage when most of the costs for product development are recovered.PLC can be used to refer to a product category or industry, a particular product brand, and even fashion, music or fads. Of course one thing we need to bear in mind is that PLC curve exhibits different shapes and length for each of the above situations. Product categories or industries tend to have the longest life cycles and their stages of growth and maturity last longer, relative to those of a product brand. As for extreme cases of fads, PLC is short and the curve shows a sharp growth and sharp decline.In the following discussion, we will examine several examples to demonstrate how PLC serves as a useful marketing tool to indicate certain marketing strategies to be adopted for products identified in the various stages of PLC.2. The truth of PLC as a useful tool ? How? As products will experience different characteristics relative to the market and competition in the various PLC stages, they call for distinct marketing objectives and strategies in order to maximize return and optimize efficiency.Looking at the 4 PLC stages: A. Introduction In this stage, sales are low as a new product is first introduced to a market. For sure customers aren?t looking for it and may not be aware of its benefits over current offerings or solutions. In fact, they may not even know about it and have the need for it. Informative promotion or trial offers are required to tell potential customers about this new product.Let?s look at the example of Max Factor LipFinity (LF) in Hong Kong to demonstrate this stage in reality. It is a new lasting lip color launched in Nov 2001 that never comes off even in cases of eating, drinking or even kissing; also it won?t stain on clothing or cups, etc. It is only removable with a special make-up remover. And the magic is that ladies only need to apply ONCE in the morning and can last for the whole day! Yet it also appears glossy and moisturizes the lips. LF is the first-ever innovation on lip make-up in the market. It is novel in terms of its product form and way to use. Given this situation, massive advertising on TV and print were therefore run to create awareness. On retail level, eye-catching Point-of-Sale materials were well displayed, and promotion booths were set up to introduce the product. Trial samples were also offered to potential...

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967 words - 4 pages for a product company is a superior product development cycle. A company without such a process is fumbling in the dark.What products should be produced? When should decisions be made? Who has authority to make them? What information is needed? By clearly understanding decisions, the PLC process eliminates much of the guesswork. The result is the right product reaching the market more efficiently, product revenue, customer satisfaction, and productivity are increased. Companies can achieve competitive advantage and operational efficiency by understanding the dynamics of product life cycles and implementing a Product Life Cycle system.

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2643 words - 11 pages Marketing & Management, 4(2), 46-68. Meredith, J., & Shafer, S. (2013). Operations Management for MBAs. JohnWiley & Sons Inc. 5th edition. Jefferson City. Meybodi, M. Z. (2013). ALIGNMENT OF STRATEGIC BENCHMARKING PERFORMANCE MEASURES: A LEAN MANUFACTURING PERSPECTIVE. Advances In Competitiveness Research, 21(1/2), 14-28. Morton, K., (2010). Do Products Die? or, Product Development and Management throught Life Cycle Analysis. Plexius Group LLC

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