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Product Portfolio Analysis And Strategy Change Proposal

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Because of the recent decline in product quality and problems successfully developing and delivering products, IRSC BAS is in need of a change. This proposal seeks to provide a strategy to align our products and services with our organizational goals based on an analysis of our product offerings. Part of our new strategy involves eliminating obsolete or unprofitable products in order to allow greater opportunities for innovation. The rest of the strategy focuses on remaining customer centered, partly through dedication to producing only technology which the customer truly needs.
Some conclusions in this proposal rely on the determination of the lifecycle stage of the product category. ...view middle of the document...

However, the need for networks in homes and businesses continues to grow, especially as consumers and business owners seek greater connectivity and mobility. Because of this, we should focus on producing networking products that contain all of the features and convenience that consumers need, particularly in the form of performance, adaptability, security, and ease-of-use.
Our printer sales have seen steady decline. Mobile devices are replacing the need for consumers to print in order to share. Printer usage in business settings is declining as well thanks to tablets and the cloud. Consumer reaction to planned obsolescence, as well as concerns for sustainability and environmental-friendliness should be met with more durable products and dedication to service (Cooper, 2004). Printer usage is still a necessity for many reasons, such as legal compliance. Therefore we should limit our printer development a very few models which are versatile, environmentally friendly, long-lived workhorses.
Desktop computers are in their decline due to falling sales in increasing difficulty in maintaining profitability. Individual consumers are seeking great mobility, while business consumers demand customization based on their specific needs (Burrow & Kleindl, 2008). It is

time to stop producing desktops, and replace them with a selection of laptops which both consumers and businesses find appealing.
Mobile Devices
Mobile devices are experiencing growth. We should continue our efforts to remain innovative in this area. Versatile tablets should be the focus of this product category. We should pay particular attention to features and peripherals that benefit our business clients, such as credit card readers and compatibility.
Strategy Change
Our new strategy should...

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