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Dell Inc. is one of the world's largest direct order computer systems companies, prides itself in being the most profitable in the industry as a result of their success of understanding consumer needs, quickly providing desired technology, utilizing the direct business model, and focusing on providing the best customer service. To the casual observer, Dell Corporation's business is deceptively simple and operates seamlessly. For example, an interested consumer goes onto the Internet, prices and orders a computer customized with a desired set of name-brand components, and 2-3 days later it is delivered right to their doorstep. The end user misses the behind-the-scenes activities and only realizes they have quickly and painlessly received a quality product at a very good price. The convenience of the direct marketing system pacifies the consumer's need for immediate gratification, thereby adding value and utility to Dell's offerings.Dell, as most successful retail organizations, attract additional customer purchases through lowering individual component prices when purchased as a multiple item set. By offering a complete computer system bundled with complementary products (software, printers, monitors, etc.), the perceived value to the customer has been increased. This entices the customer to purchase the bundled offering, which reduces the total cost of the computer. Add to the product's value by adding more value to the product. This tricky riddle is the secret of marketing complementary products. Due to the advantages of partnering with computer parts manufacturers, Dell offers competitive pricing on the latest technology driven by the market and consumer demand. Following the law of demand, the latest and greatest computer components are priced higher due to lack of availability and as a way to maximize revenue....

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1620 words - 6 pages sales, marketing and supply chain management collectively interpreted demand trends and supply issues to determine where component surpluses or shortages were likely to develop.The meeting focused on a common variable: lead time for product delivery to customer. At this meeting, the group focused on managing product lead times in order to ensure that customers would not cancel sales and that Dell would not get stuck with unsold components.If a

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7047 words - 28 pages streamlines the supply chain by providing component suppliers and Dell planners with global views of product demand and material requirements. It also provides real-time factory scheduling and inventory management, so employees can generate key reports based on accurate and timely data, pinpoint inventory on the factory floor, and receive supplier deliveries on a true just-in-time basis (i2 supply chain management systems).¡± This allows Dell to

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3548 words - 14 pages best customer experience in markets it serves. In doing so, Dell will meet customer expectations of highest quality, leading technology, competitive pricing, individual and company accountability, best-in-class service and support, flexible customization capability, superior corporate citizenship and financial stability.'s Market

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1671 words - 7 pages product at a very good price.Since 1984, the Dell Computer Corporation has pioneered the direct marketing channel of PCs and their marketing objectives were based on a basic premise that PCs should be available to the general public. Dell employs the practice of direct marketing where the manufacturer sells directly to the consumer, rather than through "middle-man" retail stores. This direct business model eliminates retailers that add unnecessary

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1594 words - 6 pages . According to the product, and place, the pricing strategy will have heavy consequences on the promotion campaign as well as on the success, or failure of a business as a whole.ReferencesDell Inc. (2006). Dell at a glance: Company facts. Retrieved December 20, 2006, from, N. (2001, July 18). I-Marketing interview

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8409 words - 34 pages ............................................ 176.ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR ........................................217.CONCLUSION ...........................................................................378.BIBLOGRAPHY . .......................................................................411. Company Overview1.1. Background of Dell Inc.Dell Inc. is one of world' largest multinational technology corporation that manufactures sells and supports personal computer and other computer

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911 words - 4 pages profits and benefit the shareholders as well as maintaining their customer service, product quality and market share. Diversification into other related product lines will also benefit Dell. Brand recognition plays a large part in the decision making of consumers. Case: Dell, Inc. 1

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4080 words - 16 pages constraints of product line, place, promotion, and pricing, Dell implements changes and monitors results to achieve their end goals.Product LineDell's primary product line of custom made to order computers remains targeted at the home/small business user. Leveraging against the success of the personal computer product line Dell also now offers common accessories such as printers, personal data assistants or pocket PC's, and handheld digital music


957 words - 4 pages Michael Dell ?I realized that the computer market war very inefficient. The mark-ups were incredibly high over the cost of materials and the service was very poor? Industry Conditions I think now about personal computer market is shirking period since recession economic and maturity of the product so that Dell must found highly competitive including price, promotion etc. Furthermore, company has to get new treat from merging between HP and

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1251 words - 5 pages per quarter at 84 country sites in 28 languages/dialects and 29 currencies.The company is increasingly realizing Internet-associated efficiencies throughout its business, including procurement, customer support and relationship management. At, customers may review, configure and price systems within Dell's entire product line; order systems online; and track orders from manufacturing through shipping. At, Dell

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3333 words - 13 pages to introduce herself as a strong service provider just as well as product distributor. Given that Dell is mainly an online distributor; the service sector it covers has huge room for enlargement.Finally Dell ought to strengthen its brand name on the global arena and ought to carryout a more aggressive advertising campaign.IMPLEMENTATIONIncreasing Supply baseAs discussed above, Dell limited sourcing strategy is a dangerous approach for the firm

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824 words - 3 pages market for volume product is home users which its needs are very different from corporate users thus will have a big impact of the quality of the type of products and services which Dell has to offer.ReferencesComputer Weekly (August 2002). Michael Dell spells out strategy for market defiance.Technology: servers.Access date: 3/1/2004URL: []Mehta, V. and Kwinter, Y. and Wohl, A. and Blundo, J. (November 2001). Analysis on Dell Computer Coporation.Access date: 11/1/2004URL:[]Ravi, K. and Marcia, R. (1999). E-Business Roadmap for Success. Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. (1999).

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