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Sales And Sponsorship For The Golden State Warriors

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Hello Class,

For this discussion, I have chosen the sports property of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors play in the NBA within the Pacific Division and have a large local and regional fan base in the city of Oakland and state of California. Even though the Warriors have a large fan following, there are several ways of extending the Warriors brand reach beyond the basketball court with conventional sports minded consumers and non-sports fans. In order to accomplish this, the Warriors must think outside the box and look at attracting typically unaware markets and consumers that are missing the marketing and advertising plans that are currently being used. The Warriors can use partnerships, alliances, licensing, merchandising and sponsorship activation to build the brand awareness and effectively increase their revenue.

The Golden State Warriors are planning on building and then moving into a new basketball court for the 2017-2018-basketball season. The new arena will be located at Piers 30-32 on San Francisco Bay, south of the Bay Bridge, between the Ferry Building and AT&T Park. The Warriors can develop an alliance with the San Francisco Venue Development Project, which is responsible for the new arenas build. This alliance can highlight what the new arena can do for not only the Warriors and the San Francisco Venue Development Project but also the surrounding neighborhoods. The proposed arena can have entertainment, restaurants and exercise options for all that enjoy that San Francisco waterfront area. Fans of the Warriors and non-sports fans from pedestrians, bicyclists, tourists and local residents can use this newly created area. The Warriors can extend their brand by doing a marathon that runs through the city of San Francisco and ends at the new Warriors arena. The publicity will be enormous as a half-marathon in San Francisco earlier this year attracted over 5,000 runners. This is an effective way to expand the brand as it could be done in the daytime (typical basketball games are played at night) and when the Warriors are either on a road trip or in the off-season of games. This marathon could tap into the female demographic the Warriors are missing currently (29% of fans are female, opposed to the NBA female average of 38%).

The second way the Warriors can monetize their brand is with a new strategic partnership. The Warriors can partner up with a local Oakland company, Oakland Wood Floors. Oakland Wood Floors specializes in high-quality wood flooring in the San Francisco Bay Area and Oakland. When people watch NBA games on the television, the basketball court the game takes place on is predominately featured in the background at all times. The Oakland Flooring Company can work with the Warriors to create a one of a kind look for the arenas new court. The courts design can feature silhouettes of important moments, people and land icons to the Oakland community. The flooring could be a mix of parquet...

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