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The significant changes that today's business environment is persistently subjected to force management decision makers to reconsider their marketing research views as well as bring on changes in the marketing research processes itself. Marketing research is not only seen as a component of the sales branch in a company but it has also established prestige status as an important element of the whole organisational structure.The business philosophy of total quality management (TQM) has been arisen due to the fact that today's market places have been growing as complicated. A recent study (Zikmund & William 2003, p 8) has shown that "...focuses on integrating customer-driven quality throughout an organisation with continuous improvement of product quality and service" It is important at the moment that firms are identified problems from the perspective of their customer that is based on the importance of marketing research.Management decision makers should prepare marketing strategies for organisation's products and services and in advance understand market trends, social changes technological changes and demographics owing to huge global business environment changes, continuous competition and ever-shifting consumer demand. It is no doubt that consumer perceptions and preferences must be taken into consideration when introducing new products or services into new market.Globalisation is the one of the potential impacts that may change marketing research activities. Amoore (2002) defines globalisation as an umbrella term for a complex series of economic, social, technological, cultural and political changes seen as increasing interdependence, integration and interaction between people and companies is disparate locations. In particular technological changes in terms of globalisation are a critical role in marketing research recently. These changes can be using communication easier between people than ever before. Information transporting is also much faster than ever before.Identifying current marketing research needs requires an understanding of the changing global environment. For instance, many companies based on U.S were faced with slow growth in domestic markets after 1950's so that new international market was taken into consideration. At the same time lots of firms from Japan and Europe faced the same situation and they also tried to expand their firms into global markets in order to benefit from potential economies of scale, to broaden the scope of their operations and to enable them to compete with foreign competition.(Ogden 2004, p.1)Most marketing research agencies were in general national organisations with limited capacity to perform research of a multi-national nature. As firms have expanded internationally, however, the major decision issues facing management today have altered considerably. Increased importance of globalisation is now given to performing marketing research on an international level determining difference and...

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