Sales Management Warren Soft Drinks Ltd. Case Study

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INTRODUCTIONWarren Soft Drinks Ltd is a company which operates in the very competitive market of soft drinks with giants like The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo as competitors, but with even less significant ones like Tango and Virgin Cola, as far as carbonated drinks are concerned. In the mineral waters and still concentrates markets the competition is less fierce but existent all the like.As the case study shows there are several issues which could be improved: training methods, the salaries of the salespeople (and their rewards), the division of the country in districts, the vacancies created, the company strategy and others. Each of these issues is analysed in detail below and recommendations are made separately for each one.TRAINING METHODSAs we saw, training for each kind of salesperson is different. In the first case, the wholesale/retail sales representatives are trained for three months quite intensively. They go through all the production and distribution processes in the factory and get to know all the people in key posts and all the details about the business. This gives them the chance to get quite technical in the product presentation for a new client if needed, contact directly someone in the factory for any specifications they might need and answer most questions without any frustration. But, on the other hand, a small number of the trained personnel will leave the company as soon as their three-month training period is finished and go to work for a competitor, taking their valuable training with them. Financial managers find this training to be a waste of money.In fact, I believe that a three-month training period is quite a long one, especially since no sales tactics seminars are involved in it. The salespeople need not be so well informed about the production since no client will expect them to know every technical detail about it. It is something that they can ask someone at the factory and give details if needed on the spot by phone. Salespeople should attend maybe one-month training during which basic and advanced sales techniques will be examined. The sales people should build their self-confidence and their persistence and learn when to take risks, because these are the kind of skills they are going to need on the first day on the job. No wonder a lot of people will quit, if they see that they can't sell as much as the others do. If one month is not enough for the training then perhaps another way should be found so that the training does not cost the company in case the salesperson quits before he/she has worked there for a period of time, i.e. make contracts which include a minimum time limit for which one has to work for the company.On the other hand, the salespeople for the vending machines surely get quite inadequate training. One day may be enough to get to know the products and learn how to operate the vending machines, but it is certainly not enough to learn how to service them, let alone learn how to approach a...

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