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Product Selection Paper

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Week 3 Team A Assignment: Product Selection PaperIn the world of organizational management, business and operations managers must work together to be able to implement processes which will ultimately bring products and services to life. New innovation will be researched thoroughly by the organizational managers so that once a product or service is approved for fabrication or implementation the processes used are compatible and efficient.In this paper Team A will discuss product selection and will focus on two products selected. Team A will analyze the products and discuss the pros and cons in comparison to each other. Team A will also discuss the decision making criteria used to select the products and lastly analyze baseline data important to the design of the product. Team A has decided to select the food service industry and to select McDonalds as the organization for the paper. The two new products selected are the McBurrito, a burrito, and the McTurkey, a cold turkey sandwich.Organization, Industry, and Products: A brief overviewThis section of the paper will give a brief overview of the industry, organization, and the two new products selected. This section will focus on the importance of understanding the industry of the organization selected, and why the data is important to understand during the selection and design process of any new product.The organization selected for this paper is McDonalds. Team A decided on McDonalds because the organization has a proven background as a successful business with a successful business model. The team discussed different other organizations and concluded that McDonalds has an excellent product selection process as well as design and product development processes in place. McDonalds also has a logistical and distribution process which adds to the value of the organization.The industry selected is the food service industry. Although McDonalds is a service organization they also have products along with service. Their products are their food. BigMac, QuarterPounder, and McChicken sandwich are some of the name brand products provided. Consumers depend on this industry for a common basic need. This common basic need is food. All people need it and all people want to have it available when they are hungry. McDonalds provides this product and service and therefore, satisfies a basic need. Why is understanding the industry important? Understanding the industry allows the organization to focus in on specifically designed products which target a certain market. Processes needed for design and implementation of a new product are easily understood.Two new productsTeam A has selected two new products for this paper and for the McDonalds organization. The new products called the McBurrito and the McTurkey. The sandwich is served cold or oven toasted. Although these two products are different from what McDonalds currently serves a market exists for these products.The McBurrito is a healthy choice for anyone...

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