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Production Essay

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StructureAs we can understand from the interview Vendeka Company has a very complex structure. One of the managers says they have divisional, one of them says they have functional and the other one says they have matrix structure. When you look from the internet to Vendeka's organization chart, you understand that they have a functional structure. As all the activities of a department is linked to one vice president about that department we can understand that it is functional. One of main objectives of functional structure is effiency but in the interview they say that 'there is no efficieny ' so we can understand that they don't have functional. From the interview we have also understood that vendeka has a divisional structure. In divisional structure, there are certain product groups. Because Vendeka has many companies about certain sectors. For example, they have established a company for agriculture named Venesco and they have established a company for telecommunications named Vencom. But the company doesn't have divisional structure too because for example, Venesco's employee works for Vencom after the project in Venesco finishes. Companies structure is said to matrix by another manager. For being a matrix structure employees should have two or more project manager but in Vendeka after the project finishes the employee stops working for that manager and gets transferred to other companies. But according to the manager the companies structure is more like matrix structure. If Vendeka used functional structure, they would have more centralized organization which will make them adapt to the environment more slowly.StrategyVendeka is a company which uses multiple...

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