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Production Analysis

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The Pre-Production and Production shoot.

“You never have complete confidence. But of course there comes a time when you feel that you have learnt the trade and craft of making films, so I feel now I know the language and how to use it to get a particular emotion” (Almadovar Cited by Goodridge 2012 p.14)

Being a student-Director, who is still learning the ropes of filmmaking I was also unsure about many things. However, when I read Almadovar’s interview, it assured me that such conflicts are common for most Directors, and it would take more time for me to master all filmmaking language to be at my best. Even someone are as prolific and experienced as Almadovar has faced some level of insecurity. Upon reflecting on what I did, I believe that my insecurities have helped me to work harder in order that I can have better control of all production stages.

To be fully prepared I organized several pre-production meetings with my crew members making sure that they understood my creative vision. I met with the director of Photography-student discussing shots and angles. We even conducted a camera test session, because I wanted to execute a seamless match cut with a graphic match between 2 shots by juxtaposing last frame of shot one and the first frame of shot 2. Inspired by the graphic match cut from the Barnardo’s Ad (Barnardo’s 2011) I presented the video to my group members and they aspired to achive what I visually aimed for.

My producer then organized a casting call, which was very disappointing because there were very few, who actually turned up. Fortunately, two experienced actors showed up and they were a father and son team. And so I conducted a short acting workshop to test their acting range. I was very happy with his son’s performance, but I was not satisfied with the father’s acting ability. But since I had no other choice, I made the mistake of compromising and simply offered the role of to the father and his seven year old son out of convenience. Despite of this minor setback, I was quite happy to have found an experienced young teenage actor to play the role of the older Jonny who understood the emotional baggage that the character had. I knew he was the perfect cast when his eyes started to well with tears when I brief to him about the Character’s backstory.

Apart from casting for actors, I continued preparing for the shoot by breaking down the script, prepared a shot list, drew an amature looking story board with floor plan, prepared a shooting schedule, in order that I can allocate enough time to not only complete the necessary coverage but also to be able to capture enough cutaway shots and ambiance sound. And so I believed that I was fully prepared for shoot, but fate has a way of putting things into place. (refer to Appendix 4, 5 and 6)

Crisis management: Keep calm its only drama!

“It is very difficult to explain the origins of everything in a film because it’s very mysterious and many things happen by chance… (Almadovar...

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