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Output And Gender Discrimination In Pay: Evidence From Manufacturing Industry Of The Kyrgyz Republic

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Economics DepartmentOutput and Gender Discrimination in Pay:Evidence from Manufacturing Industry of the Kyrgyz RepublicStudent Name: Aisalkyn AlimbaevaDecember 2008Output and Gender Discrimination in Pay:Evidence from Manufacturing Industry of the Kyrgyz RepublicAbstractUsing linear regression analysis and time-series data, this research paper investigates whether gender discrimination in pay negatively affects output. The results showed high statistical significance and anticipated outcome. As stated in economic theory and proved in the majority of the literature discussed, evidence from manufacturing industry of the Kyrgyz Republic (years 1999-2007) demonstrated a negative relationship between gender pay gap and output, when control for gender gap in employment. With existing data and econometric knowledge, results of the regression indicate that a 1% decrease in gender wage gap leads to 0.76 % increase in output. Thus, the null hypothesis cannot be rejected.Keywords: output, gender, discrimination in pay, manufacturing industry, the Kyrgyz RepublicJEL Classification: E23, J16, L60C o n t e n t sI. Introduction…………………………………………………...............................................4II. Theoretical Passage….…………………………………………………………………...6III. Empirical Discussion and Economic Analysis…………………………………………7VI. Description of Data……………………………………………………………………..12V. Results of the Empirical Test…………………………………………………………...15VI. Concluding Remarks…………………………………………………………………...16ReferenceAppendix 1. Regression ResultsAppendix 2. Used DataI. IntroductionThe purpose of this research paper is to test a hypothesis whether gender discrimination in pay negatively affects output. The paper considers manufacturing industry of the Kyrgyz Republic using yearly data in the time period between 1999 and 2007. Used methodology is linear regression analysis. Results of the regression support the hypothesis. With existing data and econometric knowledge, results indicate that 1% decrease in gender wage gap leads to a 0.76 % increase in output.In the labor market,...

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