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PRODUCTION & OPERATION MANAGEMENT TERM PAPERCOMPANY: FREE COMMERCIAL PRINTERS & COCA-COLAPART I. Identify specific concept that was discussed in class adopted by each company visited.Define the conceptThe entire concept in general adapted by the two companies which are FREEDOM and Coca- Cola focuses on the production and operation management field. In a narrow scope, the concepts adapted by the FREEDOM Commercial Paper are job shop, purchase order, logistics, capacity, strategic capacity planning, and economies of scale, transportation mode, production flow, supply chain, set-up time, ISO certified and forecasting. The concepts adapted by the Coca- Cola Company, Inc. are continuous flow of production, supply chain, production system, capacity, outsourcing, total quality management, JIT and ISO certified.How is it done as discuss in the classroom?These companies: FREEDOM Commercial Printers and Coca-Cola. They use this appropriate concept to have the efficiency (is doing something at the lowest possible cost), and effectiveness (doing the right thing to create the most value) for their company. Their production system does have the ability to produce goods and services, where they use resources transform inputs into desired outputs and the operation management it is the process of producing, as the design, operation and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm's primary products and services as discussed in context at class. The production system begins when they transform their raw material into desirable outputs which is to be delivering to the customer's need on the product by its work performance. Both companies have different process flow of structures which for FREEDOM is the job shop which is process suited for low-volume production of a great variety of nonstandard products while for Coca-Cola is the continuous flow production which is automated process structure that converts raw materials into finished products and variety of characteristics. Both companies have the capacity to produce the amount of output that a system is capable of achieving over specific period of time. Both companies are ISO certified that follows the standard requirement procedures. Both use the supply chain strategies which are chains of processes that links manufacturer through a distributor to a customer. The Coca-Cola Company uses outsourcing by moving some of a firm's internal activities and decision responsibility to an outside provider, logistics which supports the management of complete cycle of the material flow to the work and JIT logic which reduces the needs of carrying large stock of finished products.PART II Discuss how it is being practice by the companyFREEDOM Commercial PrintersThe process flow structure FREEDOM Commercial Printers uses the Job shop flow in production which they produce small batches of a large number of different set of quantities in the processing steps. First, the production process begins in the job...

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