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Productive Communication And Understanding Essay

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MODULE 2 ESSAY 1 2MODULE 2 ESSAY 1 4Module 2 Essay 1 Aspen UniversityCOM100: Introduction to CommunicationsJuly 21, 2014Running head: MODULE 2 ESSAY 1 1Module 2 Essay 1Understanding others is an integral aspect of effective communication. Learning to communicate productively entails having knowledge of some barriers to understanding. Cultural differences can hinder communication if they clash. In some cases, beliefs and thoughts of a different culture can prevent understanding of others. Ethnocentrism, believing one's own culture is superior to others, is an obstacle to effective communication. (Engleberg & Wynn, 2011, p. 46) Ethnocentrism includes expectations about others behavior and judgment of those behaviors. It makes one's own culture the yardstick by which one measures all other cultures. Historically, a person is taught to glorify one's own nation or religion to the extent of disparagement of all others. ("Ethnocentrism," 2014)Ethnocentrism often leads to stereotyping. Stereotyping is generalizing a group of people that over-simplifies their characteristics. (Engleberg & Wynn, 2011) Many times, stereotyping is developed through generational transmission. It can also come through media exposure, observations and other sources. Stereotyping interferes with objectivity and relies upon perceptions that are skewed and incorrectly rationalized. Stereotyping may lead a person or group of people to become prejudice. Prejudice, or judging without knowing the person, has no basis on an individual's experience with a person or group of people and can include positive or negative attitudes but has mainly negative connotations. Irrespective of getting knowledge about the truth or facts, assumptions are made that may be harmful, often tearing apart relationships and ending healthy communications.As a...

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