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Productivity Of Jelly Belly Candy Company

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Jelly Belly Candy Company is bound to generating the uppermost quality of confections, delivering bountiful superior customer service and creating a reliable and enjoyable product line for the consuming public. Jelly Belly Candy Company also is a responsible corporation, who maintains a high resolution of inexhaustible safety standards in our business.

The Jelly Belly operation is exactly what it represents, “A Perfected Process”. The company not only appears that it has been producing at an optimal performance rate, it rationally is. The Jelly Bean Candy product has been evolving for nearly a century and a half and the process just seems to get back as time goes on.

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S. plants. In 2007, the company will add another production facility in Thailand. Two warehouses provide distribution.

The process of manufacturing a Jelly Belly jelly bean varies in length from 14 to 21 days. This combined with the long lead times for some raw materials, and more than 1,500 different finished good items, makes for an extremely complicated supply chain.

Jelly Bean Candy is a mid-sized company that competes against large companies. "Some of our customers are large retailers who levy fines if our shipments are late or incomplete. With freight deliveries and moving candy between distribution centers, profitability is reduced measurability due to the transportation cost involved.

A few of our customers are leaders in logistics management and they have absolutely no tolerance for failures in the management of our supply chain." To update the company's technology, Jelly Belly began a 12-month evaluation that would include 35 managers from all aspects of company operations.

One of the problems that Jelly Bean Candy Company has faced is the fact that their personnel is starting to age and have overcome and adapt a philosophy of training the current workforce to replace the aging population in the company. Jelly Bean Candy Company’s human resources department is working to provide the best services for its employees and continue to offer consistent and equitable policies across the board. Jelly Bean Candy Company will have to give its United States employee the quality of service by overhauling the automated employee-management system to retain employees and assist the workforce in understanding what is expected of them and what measurable objectives are going to be place.

The revamped workplace performance system plan, employees will now have the opportunity to obtain their annual review yearly. Implementing this methodology the process will be universal format for all employee levels from the janitor to the vice president. Organizing and automating the appraisal process results in appraisals that are more accurate and fair.

Jelly Bean Company is also in the midst of implementing a succession-planning initiative. This is the most critical of them all for Jelly Bean Candy Company because of its aging population at work. The company has to look ahead to make sure that skilled workers are in place for when the current workforce start to retire instead of leaving a workforce gap.

Jelly Bean Candy Company’s strategic plan implementation timeline will be 12 to 18 months and in order to eliminate a staff shortage plans to overextend its hiring need to meet the capacity at this point and is overstaffing ourselves in order to ensure that Jelly Bean Candy Company continues to produce the high-quality candy.

Due to Jelly Belly’s culture of promoting from within it is important that internal growth and development continues and employees tend to stay with the company for a long time even until retirement. With sustainability of...

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